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  1. I like this idea because an adult small would probably be somewhat too big; it'd be a bit long and loose. But if not, then I'd just go with the small and alter it myself.
  2. I just had this remix on for the 9835840th time. I liked this song a lot from the start. One of my favorites. And I love jazz to start with. It'd be so awesome if the highschool jazzband performed this. Damn excellent it is.
  3. Apologies for reviving an old thread if it's frowned upon but I'd like to throw my two cents in here. This is probably one of my more played remixes at the moment. I love the Forest theme. I'm a sucker for orchestral arrangements, well anything with a good flute part. My only iffy note is the volume is too soft and the strings are a tad muddy. But it's definitely more than I could do so I should shut up. Excellent job! I wish my highschool band would play something like this.
  4. This is the only song that I've heard you sing on (don't worry, I'm getting to more of 'em), but I like it. And sure you sing better than me.
  5. 'Lo all. The name's Lauren. I absolutely love music (playing, listening, etc.) and especially video game music as of late. On a side note: I feel sick right now because I think I ate a bit too much. See you all around and looking forward to hopefully chatting with some of you.
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