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  1. I occasionally like to stop by the OCR server for TF2 fun but it was hilarious last week when I started the horror of the Bohemian Rhapsody song and sang with, I think it was, sporknight and others. I wished that was recorded, our audience *loved us! (*note: loathed) On this current topic, The way I see meleeing only as griefing is if said person were constantly getting killed by said melee'er or they are *gasp* losing the round! It's just a game. I never take this game seriously. I say do what you want and have fun. I have fun laughing me ass off whether we win epically or fail miserably. I'm guilty of this. Seeing as how whenever I go heavy I always pull out the fists. If you see a heavy using only fists for a long ass time, that'll be me. I must say I've gotten epic with it. On that same night we sang I beat the crap outta metal link 6-7 times in a row. He even rocket jumped into my fist and died. That was hilarious man! Dominated a lot too. And "powed" a couple of people. Why do I do this? Meh, when you play a heavy so damn good and mow down countless people with sasha it gets boring...owning people with fists on the other hand..
  2. Its been a long road but finally one of my favorite series has been translated. I played it when it was all Japanese and had to read a fan translation but it was a migraine jumping back and forth between the translation and the game. The story, music, hell everything in this game is gold. The second I heard the first battle tune I said "This is gonna be awesome." Mother vets will definitely have lots of nostalgia tugging at there hearts with a lot of scenes in this sequel. (Final tune is beautiful). Definitely going to replay the game all over again. People who haven't played it or just starting, your gonna have tons of fun with this game.
  3. When I first saw the link the first thing that came to my mind was the game Bad Dudes and that the president was kidnapped by ninjas. Right around the corner too. Be nice to listen to when I get to my first duty Station.
  4. *sigh* Damn, how I wish to be playing this game. I played an excellent medic during my short romp with TF2 (roommate had a great connection). Now I have a poor connection here and Basic Training is right around the corner so I'll be missing out on some good times. If things are still happenin' when I'm done, see you all next year.
  5. Went and saw Silent Hill with a group of friends and prayed that this movie doesn't bomb (especially since I'm a fan of the series). I found it awesome that the tunes in the game are put in the movie. It made me feel like it was the game I was watching, plus the tunes themselves I thought amped up the atmosphere of some areas. Some tunes on the otherhand... CG and effects are incredible as always. I praise this movie on making the transition from "Normal" Silent Hill to "Nightmare" SH pefectly (trademark "Siren" included!). Sadly thats the only thing hollywood can do now, Top notch visuals, so I don't grade movies on the over the top CG stuff. (even though that PH scene was nuts). Storyline, acting, and dialogue were really sub-par. The only person that I really thought did a good job acting was the actress playing Cybil. Still, why couldn't they have just made this movie like SH1 with Harry instead of this Rose character? I really didn't care for the ending or the events that led to the ending. Man, I was really enjoying how it mostly stayed true to the game for the first half of the film (going to main areas you would see in the first game) but then after that the plot and story dragged on and on and you saw less action and anything familiar from the game on out. I would've loved it if they had just followed the first game step by step. Hell, they certianly did a great job with it in the beginning, why not the rest? I love the Silent Hill games but this movie really made me laugh and roll my eyes on a lot of parts: *Spoilers about some really odd parts* The Daughter doing the "Meow meow" thing...my god, I wanted to kill myself right there and now. If I remember correctly When Cybil and Rose reunite and head to the Hotel. Rose: People say that this place is haunted....I think I beleive them. Me: What? After the ENTIRE scene in the alleyway where you almost got gang raped by imps and seeing Pyramid Head at the school NOW you say that!? When Rose was swinging over the pit; that was a really goofy scene. When Rose defiles the Church and that burned girl appears, a REALLY out of place organ tune plays. I swear I was half expecting to see the Phantom of the opera then the barewired girl. I really joked with this one. Once they entered the Hotel Rose sees what looks, to me, like a VERY dull knife on the ground and says, "I'm taking this with me." I whisper to my friends Me: What? A butter knife?! Geez Rose, you were better off with the flashlight. Overall: Yep, It was a video game movie. Don't expect too much from it. Lots of awesome gory visuals, as usual, and has tons of elements from the games but the last half of the movie the story really drags and you tire of it, the overemphasizing Religious cult stuff and the poor acting. I give it the grade of a "C"...which is pretty good compared to every other Video game movie ever made.
  6. Starla (or injury, I like starla ) Created A Kickass remix of my Fav Mega man intro and its the best one out of everyone else! Her past songs were ok but she has greatly improved with this one! Score! 10/10 plus the mega man teleport bit at the very end ways really cute! Keep up the good work Starla!
  7. My first reveiw (yaaay!) I first heard this remix while watching that video from newgrounds after that I had to download it. People who are offened by this song really need to get a scence of humor. Great job Joe. I especially like the part in the video where selphie eats so much suger and starts tripping out! I LIKE TRAINS! I LIKE TRAINS!
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