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  1. yes, you are right, but I never thought about that during production, hopefully my next production would be more better I hope.
  2. wow, you became a member just to say that? gees, thats painful I bet that must have taken you hours to think up? it wasnt a slow song mr. Prophrcy, I can make it as slow as I want to and you cant do crap to fix it , and repetetive, ..... god I hate posts like this, since when did dance not become repetetive? I am very discuested by your post, and leave me alone -__- you know I can do better than that. ok so you didnt like it, and I am ok with that, it's natural it's all cool! but WTF is all this crap about I need a life? apology not excepted, dont give that I'm sorry but you suck shit. uh-uh no!
  3. much props indeed, this is a real nice mix, I wouldnt think anyone would remix a song form one of the worst RPG's creates but no no, dont get me wrong, this was a real nice song
  4. didnt anyone ever thing that this would be ... embaressing? considering i was the one singing?? gha! hahaha ............. WELL IT WAS!
  5. ... I ask you, ....... whynot? ..er.. it's best if you PM me, best if we talk person to person. I would just like to hear you out!
  6. heh, you can always give this song as a gift to a friend, thats why I didnt add my friends name, then I think it would have been a little rude if I submitted a little something like what I got now.
  7. you can cut it yourself, but I wont submit another version, this is in total memory of my friend's birthday. sorry, but I thought it was funny : /
  8. I liked it alot, good job!, it's original, very original concept! download this! it's good!
  9. aah crap dale! I am wokring on this song!!!! well it's different, er.. my songs inturptation so we should have no problem with how good mine and yours is ......................................... DAMN YOU! this is GOOOOOOOOOD!
  10. mind you who didnt consider the fact that I Mixes the Sad Melody song from Breath of Fire, why it's called Sad melody? cause thats the song I mixed. the first 28 sec's were the actual notes for the song and the rest was a mix. if you listen to the first 28 sec's, your missing the point of the song (it being my mix) and I do like it when I turn my vg melodies in to trance mixes. thats what I was trying to achieve when I made this song. other than that, thanks for your comments, I have much more coming.
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