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  1. *sighs* what a world I am in right now, this is just too beautiful, I can just be swept away by the piano melody being played right now, Abolutely amazing work!
  2. hay, I have been helping out people for a while online, if people need help online, just ask me. I would be more than happy to help out. with reason 2.5
  3. this is such a bad peice ... but back then .. OMG ... this was the SHIZA! this situation is kinda like when Mario 64 came out, it rocked, but now it sux, what horrible graphic's! but let me tell you, it wasnt the graphic's that made Mario 64 what it is, it was just the feel of the game, the fun factor! and this song is in exactly the same situation! am amazing song! composed in such a beautiful way! man was this inspirational! I LOVED this song back then. now I look back and say .. wow did I really like this song?! and I answered my self by saying ... yes .... yes man yes!
  4. I love piano songs man and this was an amazing peice. I will have to same you with*stamps on kLutZ* "talented man walking"
  5. first off, awasome remix! ..... I was told to listen to this song and, it sounds nice but ... it just didnt sound as good as people told me it was. I dunno, I'll tell what I thought was average, and nothing much more special than any other average song. something about it just seems like a midi rip(not saying it is). no special tune with the main melody, I heard you play the melody, and some real awasome breakbeats ... but you didnt offer any more .... well its just that I expected more because of what friends of mine told me about this song. and I just thought that I might as well tell you. I dunno but I kinda sound like an ass right now sorry, not usually like me. great work though. it had alot of varity and difference in it. I love hearing stuff like that.
  6. sorry guys, I dont recommend this to anyone who likes any of my new stuff, what can I say, times change, that was 3 or 4 years back, this is now. .. ... just listen to this song I was working on today I mean, this is what I make now, just leave this song alone, it will show me how bad I was before .... or so YOU all think
  7. I listen to these arrangements all the time, but this is something else, I LOVE the intro, oooh my god, I just wish they made the intro like THAT, but when the main melody hits, .... no, ..... at 1:36 ... no that part is suppose to be more ... I dunno .. more .. KABOOM! just sorta ruined the song, but afterwords, I realise that the songs could have been much more, with ... drums? sound fx? SOMETHING MORE CREATIVE THAN WHAT I HEAR, UGH, this is why I havent remixed songs like these, cause if you dont add the right touch to the song, it dosent sound appealing, AAH! I hear it, at 3:46! DRUMS LIKE THAT! ooh but it leaves soo quickly, damn, but, this exit is nice, it sooth's down, I like. now in all honesty, this is a good song, but, .. I dont think this sound would go good without drums. p.s., too much reverb.
  8. I like the intro, I think with a bit of EQing this song would do justice.
  9. the ending is somehting I do with every song, sortof .. you see, it's sort of a song that can be mixed into a DJ's playlist. thats why the ending sounds like it does .. I dunno what else to say, I wasnt appealing to people when I made it. same theing goes for the begining
  10. you guys wanted it, here it is. it's eq'ed and dosent sound hard and harsh. better
  11. this is a classic, I just wish I heard more mixes as creative as these form this artist, very nice.
  12. I wouldnt say this to make anyone feel bad but this isnt repatative, I dont think the right amount of reverb's are being used for the drums though. I like that part at 2:13, the melody, it sounds nice. .. then the comeback of the same melody later on in the song. and the whole drum thing at 3:30 but what was that? I expecter better of you, espically a electronica song. listening to it the third time across, my ears hurt form listening to that drum dude, I'm not fuckin kidding either. maybe a bit of eq'ing? and bringing up the bass might help.
  13. I didnt say you did, sir. Simply used one of the soundfonts. ooh .. sorry ... ... no ... I didnt. it was all done in reason 1.0. I hope I dont sound offending cause I am not trying to be, I just thought you might want to know.
  14. I never used fruity loops to make this track. never.....
  15. yea, sorry dude, I didnt think this would happen, I did submit it a long ass time ago. http://oneupstudios.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=354 you can check it out here. I usually dont like mixing stuff that other's did. I guess your my long lost brother huh?
  16. wht the hell!! that does sound like O_O 8Ol.... it's soo much like mine
  17. what is ZeroTheUltimateWarrior and wheir can I get it? p.s. it's hard trance, or trance, not techno.
  18. yes, just as long as you all know .. THAT WASNT THE RIGHT VERSION .. ooh what an embressment!
  19. well I wanted to do hard trance and hard trance has this hard in your kick, so this is what I wanted to do witht he song and the vocals ;; you were not suppose to know they were vocals, ooh DAMN!!! well that was my mistake anyways, ooh and the song has a little mistake at 3:06 where the melody sorta goes overboard, sorry if your ear's pop and those were female vocals .... *cries*
  20. ........ OOh god damn! this is the worng song!!!!!! DAMN this is embaressing! ... ok ... djp if you are reading this message, this is the WRONG SONG!! WRONG this is the mastered version ! (link removed - new version uploaded - ed. djp) I thought I uploaded it but DJp must have gotten the old version of the song ... this is .. GHA!!!!!! *runs away*
  21. nah, I didnt mean it that way, I just know that my song would suck if it was faded out ... in which case I have a few examples of old songs still sitting on your server DJp, you could say I have learned my lesson.
  22. this song is very soothing, it hangs on to it's title, "Smooth Ride". and yes, fadeout's = not cool btu I can see the fadeout in the works here.
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