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  1. I know most remixes are supposed to stray from the original a little more than this does, but some people do so much that it ends up ruining the original. I like this one a lot. Keep it up.
  2. Not many people have been able to make good rock remixes of tunes (which kinda sucks since rock is my favorite), but I'm glad someone took this great tune and made it even better. All remixes I have heard until this one just didn't really compare to the original. I like it and really want more rock remixes. Or metal. I love metal too.
  3. I really liked the first bits of the song right up until it really got into it. Then I was a little disappointed. It's still pretty good, but my favorite parts of the original were kinda ruined. Then again I've never remixed a tune before, so I guess I can't say TOO much until I make one.
  4. I loved Sonic CD a lot and still do...I just wish my sega CD still worked... Anyway, this may be music from the Japanese soundtrack but I remember some of the music from the American version as well. The parts from the past version are the same as in the American version. I liked Palmtree Panic...and most of the game as well, I hope more people do great remixes like this one.
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