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  1. Word of warning: Take what I have to say with a few grains of salt, because I have no idea what I'm talking about from any standpoint. The choirs seems a bit muddied at times, such as at the beginning (~0:04), like playing two (or more) notes at the same time and making a sound that isn't really clear and doesn't know what it wants to be. The choir also gets kind of boring after the first minute or so. If you can bring out the sound, diversify it somehow, and make it all around seem more natural, then it would sound much more intersting, imo. Overall, I can hear the source Brinstar stuff, but I don't think it's adding a whole lot to the mix. I feel like it's playing second fiddle to the choir and lead instead of having an equal part. It doesn't sound like there's enough bass in the mix, so if you kicked the bass on the source up a notch, maybe brought something to the lower end of the bass spectrum, then you can make it better. I like what you have going on from 2:07 to 2:56. I don't know if this is what you were going for, but it seems like it wants to be all one section, but it got broken into three parts: 2:07-2:23, 2:23-2:39, 2:39-2:56. As a whole, it could be improved by making it truly one section instead of three pieces trying to be one section. The original stuff you added is good, but I feel it dwarfs the source material, while at the same time like it wants to bring some MP into the mix; Maybe incorporate Chozo Ruins with this section instead of the end? On the ending: You could cut out the Chozo Ruins bit at the end, and nothing would be lost from the mix. It's cool that it's there, but it doesn't add anything, as if it's there just to be there. You could end the song at 4:21, too (before cutting the CR bit out), because the next 10 seconds don't really fit in any spectacular way. The fade out could probably do with being a second or two shorter, as well. Overall, it's a good mix, but it's not awesome.
  2. I love this remix. It's probably my favorite track from PSO, and hearing this remix makes me want to go play it again.
  3. I really like this song. I downloaded it when it was first posted, but didn't listen to it until earlier today. I had forgotten in the write-up that there were lyrics, so I was taken back when I had heard them. They fit really well. I especially like how its a new song on it's own, but at the same time you can recognise the different parts of the original song. A few of my co-workers did a double-take when I had this playing on lunch. "Wait, this is set to that factory song from Donkey Kong!" I'm not a fan of the chorus, though. The lyrics are fine, but it's the singing that bothers me. I don't know how to describe what I don't like about the singing, other than it sounds too different from the verses. I think the best I can describe it is as having a processed sound to it. The lyric before the chorus, "I cannot feel, I cannot breathe freely" also sounds kind of forced. In particular, "I cannot feel" with the sudden change in pitch.
  4. The kick from 0:20 to 1:02 (and also 1:34 to 1:43, has too much energy, I think. Instead of being thoomp it should be something softer like thooph.
  5. What was that? The only thing that stood out as being Starcraft to me were the unit sounds. The actual music just sounds like some generic trance/techno, not a remix of any of the music from Starcraft.
  6. I like the intro, has a bit of an Octavarium sound to it. Overall a very mellowing remix.
  7. I love this piece through and through, and could listen to it over and over again, even though I like to max out every icrement of volume I have. It's literally orgasm for my ears... The opening checklist is probably the best lead-in I have ever heard, and once it got to 1:16... And then once it started up again at 1:44... People think I'm comatose during those 42 seconds of pure mind-bending orgasm, and I mean that in a good way!
  8. A great remix posted on Bungie Day! Awesome, through and through.
  9. OMG, this is awesome! For SFA, they should've hired bLiNd... His music is soo much better than the OST for SFA. Upbeat, nice progression, great mix!
  10. Short yet sweet. Awesome composure, despite a feel for MIDI in it. This makes me want to play the game again... Geno rocks!
  11. I saw this listed under SotN, and I had to hear it, mainly because I wasn't familiar with anything remotely named as such from the in-game OST. The robot-voice, synth drums, orch hits, and such in the first 30" was an excellent method of hyping this piece up. The next 29" really began to set the mood. It was at 59" that I fell in love with piece. The entrance music for SotN is my favorite game music in all of the Castlevania series, closely followed by that of the Catacombs in CotM. This remix definately does justice to the original. I could listen to it all day if I had to. 7/7
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