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  1. Okay, um... I guess I should play the Devil's advocate. Let me analyze Mustin's original post a bit. Bad: Calling DJP slow prolly isn't great. Also, he got a fact wrong - but he admitted his mistake later, so it can be forgiven. Good: If he thinks it took too long to get posted, he must like the song. If it really had taken 6 months, I'd respect that he feels that's too much time - and since that's how long he thought it took, you can respect his feelings there. More praise. Bad: He doesn't think most people know how to mix their music, especially when it comes to vocals. This likely offends people who have mixed music with vocals before, but you know, I have heard several sub-par lyrical pieces on this site. Some great ones too, but... Good: He doesn't name names, and neither will I -- after all, I wouldn't be able to do ANY mixing whatsoever, good or bad. And when he says he thinks this is one of the best-produced songs on the site, and that it has excellent sound quality and understandable vocals, aren't those compliments to Dale North? Mustin thinks that Dale spent a lot of time working on this, and that he did a fantastic job on it. I guess that offends people who think they've made better songs in the past, but... hey, it's just Mustin's opinion, right? You can disagree... but don't call him names over matters of opinion! That just makes you look dumb. More compliments. I really don't understand why so many people decided Mustin was lashing out at them. And what's with these "sell-out" comments? Has Mustin somehow managed to make money in the video game or music industry? If so, congratulate him! Don't make nasty, bitter comments about how he's "sold out" until he's got 10 million dollars and there's Mustin brand window cleaner. I'm sorry if I'm offending anybody. Really. And noone will likely read this since the mix has been up for a while. But if you're steaming, and hopping mad, and sweat is pouring down your face, then please, just take a moment to breathe, and blink, and say to yourself, CALM THE FUCK DOWN, ASSHOLE! *Bows and steps off soapbox amid a hail of rotten tomatoes.*
  2. Very pretty. I've put it on loop all by itself, which is something I've only done to one other song before: Millicent's Dream by Kat Yidaki, who you should check out, by the way, at mp3 dot com, even though Kat doesn't do game remixes that I know of. Anyways, that makes this mix special.
  3. www.squaresound.com Piano scores for a fair number of SquareSoft games.
  4. I'm not so sure about those drums. I mean, they sound fine, but I'd like it a bit more if they stopped for a bit some time in there and let me take a breath, because as is the mix just constantly BEATS DOWN against my poor, fragile head. I love the way it starts, though, and I like the victory music, because it... well, it lets me breathe.
  5. You know you're a geek when you battle pain with a video game remix. Either that, or the remix is absolutely wonderful. Or possibly both. Let me explain. I'm feeling lonely, because I just called a girl I happen to be madly in love with about five minutes before she had to leave for vacation, and I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I'm not going to talk to her for two weeks, and I might possibly not see her for an even longer stretch of time, and what piece of music do I put on? This one. Ah, sweet sorrow and a beautiful hopeful tomorrow. And sweet bass. Funk. Beautiful tune. *Sob.*
  6. I feel the funk inside me. I love the change around 2 minutes in... what the hell, I love the whole thing. *Bounces around.*
  7. This is sad techno, and it's beautiful the way it's done. The tune starts with the main melody being played by only a piano, and that same theme, as Fieari says, stays in the seemingly wild and happy, fairly mainstream-sounding techno beat that comes after it. After the first long drum roll, a beat comes in and the tune speeds up. It's a proud theme, the way it's done, but the original sadness is kept. When the main tune fades away, leaving the beat to fend for itself, there's an empty feeling, and then the tune comes back, on piano, and the drums go away after another roll. One more drum roll and you're back to the bittersweet techno. The end of the song reminds us of its sadness and loneliness, and the listener is forced to listen again. And again. And again. Because it's so very well done, and moving emotionally -- a thing which most techno simply doesn't do for me.
  8. Wa-wa-wakka-chicka! Wa-wa-wakka-chicka! Oooh yeah, feel 'da groove. I dig this track, it's got me bouncing in my chair. I love that guitar coming in after two minutes (ba-da-doo-dum-ba-da-da-doon! Look, I'm imitating the track after just one listen), it really just hits a feel-good bit in my ear. Grooving.
  9. I think this is better than most of the Prelude remixes I've heard. It starts off the same way the real thing starts, only about twice as fast, which I like -- you don't have to wait a minute and a half for the main tune to come in. The beat doesn't drown out the tune like so many of the other Prelude remixes I've heard, either. All in all, an excellent track that's going to stay in my play-list.
  10. I think there are a few bits in where the main tune is drowned out by the funk a bit, but it's sort of neat to hear such a serious and proud-sounding tune done with a beat like that behind it. You can picture Link swaggering around a bar with babes hooking themselves to his arms. I'm no expert on these things, but it's a fun remix to listen to, and that's the important thing.
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