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  1. Like many other Reuben touch our heart with music and it quite shocking that he's gone from this world to early. Rest in Peace Mr Reuben.
  2. You got that Nightwish/Iron Maiden style . 10/10 A good song to mosh .
  3. You like Earth Wind and Fire? Well you got the whole groove into the song and it sound like Jazz Pop or Jazz + R&B feeling. Well if you use the lead trumpet in the chorus that would be nice. Yeah ask Philip Bailey (fame of EWF) to write the song that's mean it's great for commercial market. For the Second part of Undercity, LATIN JAZZ..... hell yeah that bring me hype! sound like Evil Way, Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen and Samba Pa Ti (all by Carlos Santana). A fast tempo of Jazz/Blues/Latin song . A whole review: Send this to the Jazz radio station, they will be please if they hear it!
  4. The vocal sound to harsly... but you got the melody though!... and you're the one who have a great ending music, be proud of that!
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