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  1. Wow...what else can I say? This piece was totally awesome! I mean, it seems like either a final boss battle, or the perfect setup for the video before the final boss. You know, something like: "The hero stands before one of his fallen comrades, listening to their last words, on the verge of tears. Then right as the impact sounds the person goes limp and is dead. Then it shows freeze frames of his standing and then when the music starts in quietly it's him marching down the hall, a dark glare on his face, while issuing orders for the others to take their paths. Then right before the bass blast you see him conjuring magic. Then it would cut to a scene on the other side of the door, the enemy troops rushing at it, but then right at the bass hit the door blasts open in a ball of flame, taking many of the troops with it. You then see them all cowering back, and then see the Hero's sillouette against the flames, sword in hand, marching towards them slowly, the flames reflecting in his eyes. Then when the hymm starts, the battle begins! You know, something like that. Needless to say, the peice rocked!
  2. Jeez. When I read djpretzel's review I thought I'd be getting a good remix. I was totally wrong! It's not good at all; it's great! It's one of the best remixes I've heard from this site (And that's saying something). The vocalization is superb, not to mention the song itself! Absolute perfection! Beautiful! I'll be listening to this one for a while too. Damn. I never thought I'd hear something like this! I give it 11 out of 10!
  3. Yunalesca from FFX...She just wouldn't die. He first for is kinda hard, but then she has a second. And she turns you all into zombies, so it's hard to heal. Then when you get you people healed, she casts Mega-Death. Instantly kills everyone who isn't a Zombie. Then when you think she's dead. Ta-da! Another form! Oh joy! This one is even harder than the last ones. Plus stronger. Another one would have to be Seymour Flux (third form). He's turn you to a Zombie, use full cure on the now Zombied person, and then Cleave (-2500 HP) the other two people. I had a hard time even touching him. Thank god for Summons...
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