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  1. freaking awesome dude! I love all your stuff, especially the contrast between orchestral and techno, and this is full of that. Nice work! Way better than I can do
  2. I love this tune from the game, and I really like what you've done with it. I don't really have much for suggestions, as I know next to nothing about making this kind of music. I am lousy at arranging piano-only pieces. But I really like this nonetheless. Thought you could use some feedback, even if it's totally useless. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  3. damn! This conveys the exact same feelings I had the first time I heard the brambles track, only this in iteself is very unique. This is really freaking sweet, man. I am not even sure how you should, or even could, improve this, since this kind of thing is way over my head in terms of mixing ability. Oh hey! The lava theme! AHH! Why does it end there? Keep working on this, man. I've got my eyes on this one. I would not be surprised to see this one added to the site. Very nice.
  4. The pyrimid level was my favorite track from SML! I really like how your version sounded. The two songs together greatly contrast to each other; not sure they would have fit together very well. But I like this tune nonetheless. Keep working on it. I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one By the way, FL can do automated tempo changes
  5. this is pretty freaking sweet, dude! I didn't mind the music in spinball, though it wasn't my favorite game by any means. And since I never made it past the first level most of the time, anyway, this song immidiately caught my attention. Nice job, although I can't really give you any suggestions as to what to do next on it, other than keep working on it. Nice production quality, although the arrangement is a little too close to the original. But this is a great start. Keep working on it, you'll get something eventually.
  6. Am I even allowed to comment on this mix in the presence of Rayza and Zircon? I'm a fan of both of those guys, and this is what I would expect from Rayza. Pretty freaking badass. Since I couldn't hope to find anything wrong with this mix, I will say this deserves to reach the ears of the masses on OCR. *bows* well done, sir. My hat's off to you.