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  1. That reminds me. Where can I get SF ark?
  2. I need some good orchestral samples. Strings and the like. Does anyone have these cds? (and would like to share?) http://www.swarsystems.com/shop/artdescr.php?lang=1&recordPage=0&cat=Music%20Software⊂=Samples%20CDs&id=504
  3. I know people have done this, but thats not really what i'm looking for =(
  4. How do you make a pattern not click to the pattern board thingy? =D
  5. Can anyone make a kind of frosty image of this. Can you make it look like its frozen (without a cheap frost look) and write [Th] . Blizzard embossed at the bottom? PLz and Ty
  6. Well, I have literally no idea what the freaking is going on here. Could you host your .flp somewhere? Failing that, you could just email it to me at Splunkle@gmail.com - then I could try to figure out just whats going on. Maybe its because I suck at life and forgot use piano roll. Please?!
  7. The only thing that can actually even pass for a quitar is POWER. Thats about it... Flslayer sucks Slayer is great, you just have to use it right. Sure it isn't going to produce Iron Maiden lead guitars, but thats not what it is about. No guitar simulator will be able to sound like every single guitar out there, and if you want want it sound good, you are going to have to put in the effort. Use FX (Especially EQ), tweak the notes, learn about the slides. Slayer is just like any other synth - only useful sometimes, and you will have to put in some effort to make it sound good. It can do some awesome backing guitar work, and is unbelivably good for those situations where you want a cheap sounding guitar. It is also for those situations where you want somethign vaugely guitar sounding, but no guitar could possibly do stuff like that. As for tutorials... ummm. Just play around with it, look at the help file, see how it works, particullarly the different input modes (Solo fixed, solo dynamic, strumming, etc). As for your question about holding, I tend to leave hold off, and just extend the note if I want it to go on for a while. Or, if I want that squeal, I leave it on hold, then mute the channel when I don't want the squeal, and unmute when I do. Well, there is a panic button, just in case sounds do go on forever... fogoten what it is though. As for why they are doing it forever.. curious. Do your pattens go on for ever? If the sound is continuing after the note has stopped, then it sounds like a problem with release - check your envolopes. Oh! The other thing is, you might have it set to play the pattern, not the song, where it just repeats the current pattern. Fix this by clicking on the song LED just next to the play button. If none of this helps, I've probably mis-understood you. Try explaining it again, and I'll try fixing it again. During the song is goes on forever where the pattern has ended and it plays even when the song is finished. And has anyone heard Fruitydream from FL3? I want remixes of Fruitydream... And not to be troublesome or anything but if any oc remixers can plz send their flp files so i can learn that would be nice. (Its not like i'm going to steal someone's work.
  8. The only thing that can actually even pass for a quitar is POWER. Thats about it... Flslayer sucks I can't get anything to stop, some patterns like to go on forever, (They aren't even pads which i can't get to stop either). Why does FL studio hate me? (they are clicked in properly to the playlist.)
  9. I need a tutorial on how to use Fl slayer. If I keep it on hold it'll go on for a long time, but if hold isn't on it sounds horrible. Send links to guides on the internet if you don't want to tell me yourself.
  10. Has anyone experienced their patterns still playing after you end them? Lets say I have a pattern named Snare. When i play the song Snare doesn't end. It goes on forever. I have the same problem with pads. How the hell do I stop it?
  11. I'm quite bored at the moment. I think I'll do this. *nods* edit: yup, here 'tis. Killed some time. Woo! YOU ARE A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I need a better sig than this. Anything that has the pic in my sig will be fine. Maybe a tiny bit smaller. Just think dark assassin. Thanks!
  13. I was wondering if i can get a sig with my name in like ice or somthing. Like very icy with mountains or somthing like that. Thanks cause this xfire thing aint cuttin it.
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