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  1. Oh well see what I just did was utilize Kyo's uber-speed (Yeah, he's so sped up it ain't funny) But I'm talking about the most annoying boss, though Rugal was hard. He cancels EVERYTHING and I do mean everything, into a genocide Cutter. Orochinagi! -Genocide Cutter- Maiden Masher! -Genocide Cutter- ARE YOU OKAY?!!! BUSTER WOLF! -Genocide Cutter- Duke just had that crappy unblockable Super known as... Ground Zero. Just hit him when he's charging it and you're fine. YURI FOREVER!
  2. Is was and always will be Rugal Bernstein in KoF 98. He cancels EVERYTHING you do with a Genocide Cutter, and I loathe him for it.
  3. As I write this review this song is running through my playlist. I am most pleased. It brings the technoy sythesized bass I miss so much from other remixes and it pushes it with the building suspense of violins. And we all know violins are the sexiest instruments alive. The pulse beat does get a bit repetitive though. If it was brought along with the melody and not just sped up that would have been better but I do not wish to bash this remix. It clearly is a vamp of an old video game standby. Hell I still see myself whistling that tune now and then -Did it about an hour ago before I even checked the forums lol.- Then in 2:38 remaining it goes to slow beat Piano. A nice turn which brings the somber buildup of "Ghost" that shows originality and not just "Another remix of SMW" This is what makes it stand out folks. And I stuck to this review, because it's 6 A.M. And I wrote it just now without any sleep. w00t to summer sleep schedules.
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