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  1. Hi All! A little while ago I posted a metal/prog remix of a few Doom tunes that some people seemed to enjoy. Since then, I've been really busy and have found it difficult to find the time to put something new together. Well, after a bit of a hiatus, I've decided to upload a second remix! However, this time I've decided to do something a little different: Instead of choosing to remix a track or two from the game's soundtrack, I've decided to incorporate a bunch of different chants, reactions and sounds from the game into one big, angry track that hopefully sums up the chaos from Running Wi
  2. Hey guys! Thanks a heap for the crit! I guess that I have always been a large fan of OcRemix and I just wanted to do something a little bit different. To answer some questions about the rig: The guitar is a home-made, 7string, aluminum hollow body, 26 fret beast which I tune down a semi-tone. As for pickups, there is a Dimarzio Evo7 in the bridge and a Blaze7 in the neck. I used my Fender Blues Delux amp with a Marshall Guv'nor distortion pedal and recorded it with a Shure 58 and a Marshall MX 550. I had great fun doing it and I think that OcRemix has done a great job over the years mak
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