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    Can't go wrong with Code Geass--except for the infuriating on-hiatus-until-Marching thing.
  2. How about packaging the N64 version in as a free download?
  3. How about replace the fish pokemon with suffocated pokemon.
  4. If metalman and cutman are coming up, we'd have better chances hoping that Capcom simply rips off the Smash franchise with a similar megaman game (they've certainly got enough characters, though some of the characters might have to fight over the status of being THE fire-based robot).
  5. Last time I played with handicaps on, I had them adjust automatically. One of the players had the twisted idea of purposely losing so that he could get the power of handicap 9. Things quickly turned painful after that.
  6. Why are we limited to just one Gannon? We've got two links (or is it three now); three plumbers; and possibly two Bowsers. Pig-faced Gannon is simply classic--but there is something to be said for the Gannon that pulls out a couple of blades and gets right to work.
  7. Hector

    Nintendo Wii

    Perhaps with the Squaresoft side they have shown a penchant for remaking games, but I've yet to see that with the Enix side. Enix made some great action RPGs during the SNES era, and I've not seen a whisper of a remake or a VC release of any of them.
  8. Hector

    Nintendo Wii

    On the subject of Battletoads, is anyone here actually capable of beating that game without taking advantage of either cheat codes or save-state?
  9. Slippy would be a good replacement for the punching bag in the home-run challenge.
  10. Hector

    Xbox 360

    That reminds me of my NES. I use to be afraid to turn it off for fear that it'd take tend minutes to start it again.....and also because you couldn't save, but that's beside the point.
  11. Hector

    Sony PS3

    That's a long post, so I'll make the case of buying a system because of backwards compatibly quite simply. First, let us pretend that each new console were to be made perfectly backwards compatible (including those that are not actually backwards compatible). Now, say I just have a backwards compatible Gamecube to start. The new consoles come out and I have a choice between the Wii, PS3 and 360. The Wii offers me one generation worth of games, the 360 offers two and the PS3 offers three. Rather than stick to Nintendo, I may try the other consoles to try many of the games that I had missed out on. Backwards compatibility can easily be the breaking point for a new console. The PS2 has one of the best gaming libraries of any console, and anyone who has missed that Library ought to be sorely tempted by the PS3. Remove backwards compatibility though, and one might as well buy a PS2--which people seem to be doing since the PS2 still outsells the PS3.
  12. This explains why news of Sonic was released recently. It's a bit hard to be truly angry or disappointed about a delay when Sonic is still in your mind. Unless of course you're adept at being bi-polar.
  13. If there are any third party characters other than Snake, I think it would be best for them not to be announced. Having third-party characters still being discovered a couple of weeks after the game is released would be the perfect way to ensure ongoing buzz.
  14. I would really like to see Nintendo doing multiple difficulty levels. It didn't make too much sense with earlier Zeldas, but in later ones they could do a lot by putting in more aggressive AIs.
  15. I won't be fully satisfied with a fire-emblem character until I get to choose between four different weapons--each of which slowly breaks as I use it. Imagine if Marth's sword had actually broken at times in Smash and he suddenly had to fight more like one of the brawlers.
  16. Hector

    Sony PS3

    PS3 may be doing well as everything but a game console currently, but that is where it is most important for it to succeed. The PS3, like the 360, is about high-production value games. Each title sold improves the profit margin of a game. Therefore, if Sony fails to get sufficient market share, the high-production value titles will cease to come through for them. And that, means a reputation for mediocrity. The Gamecube suffered this same problem last generation, having the smallest market-share companies devoted the least resources to it--which led people to consider it the weakest console. If the PS3 fails in this respect, the 360 will clean house with them. The 360 has similar multimedia capabilities to the PS3 (wasn't it also supposed to get an HD-DVD attachment?)--just not quite as powerful. With the leverage provided by its gamer fan-base, the 360 will become the more dominant multimedia platform. Home-brew electronics favor the most prevalent platform, this is even seen in Linux with its preference for PC hardware. Gamers are one of Sony's most important assets for pushing their electronics. They cannot afford to lose them to 360. And for Wii fans: the Wii isn't designed enough as a multimedia platform, so Microsoft's edge over Sony is more threatening than Nintendo's.
  17. Hector

    Nintendo Wii

    I don't trust 10 point grading systems for games. Especially ones that go into decimals. What's the difference between a game that scored an 8.5 and an 8.6? Obviously the room temperature. Metroid Prime III, as anyone who has played it will tell you, is a better game at 70F than 80F. Simple fact.
  18. I have to agree about screwing with Jig's B moves. A second move that is neither suicidal nor useless would be nice.
  19. I don't know, it could be some strange kinda liquid.
  20. The problem with DK's forward-B was not so much that it was a bad idea as that the move sucked. It was too slow to connect, had not special advantages against a shield, predictable, inferior to a grab in utility and one didn't have enough time to sufficiently damage the enemy. DK's smash or charged neutral-B were far superior. If the move was made faster, buried the foe regardless of shielding, or buried the enemy a fixed amount of time (which would have made it useful against low-damage foes), then the move would have been fine. As to these pitfalls, they seem to have some very interesting uses.
  21. You're forgetting to adjust for mass, momentum, torque and the numerous exceptions to Newton's laws that allow you to do such things as double-jump.
  22. In defense of Flat Zone, It may not have been particularly fair but it was fun. You're at high stress from the very beginning due to the sheer ease of death, and all the random objects are quite amusing in a party situation. And the best part about the board was that everything was designed to make it quick. Few matches lasted more than a minute. The Ice-Climbers stage, on the other hand, drew things out as people wasted time trying to survive rather than kill.
  23. Not enough complexity for my taste, but still enjoyable. Needed more Snape. Also, I'm beginning to understand why Hermione seemed such a genius to Harry--Harry doesn't seem to have read any of his textbooks. Also, I liked the touch of the house-elves at the end. Little foot-tall demons carrying cleavers and screaming high-pitched war-cries as they attack the ankles of the embattled death-eaters.
  24. Hector

    Nintendo Wii

    I was hoping for a prequel--things seemed quite wrapped up at the end of Symphonia. Also, its always a bit irritating when RPG characters backtrack (though in this I guess there's some excuse if they lost their ex-spheres).
  25. Hector

    Sony PS3

    Actually, the difference in read-speed is very damning for blu-ray currently. Blu-ray is currently a high-end format for movie collectors. A slower read-speed means that the actual output will be lower quality. Therefore, despite HD-DVD's current limitations, it is the superior format for film collectors. And since early adopters are movie-fanatics, that is very important. For Gamers, it does not matter as much, as the read-speed can be compensated for by longer load-times.
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