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  1. Hey, im still here... and come on, you gotta give me credit here. Ive been in this project since it begun, and i havent done ANYTHING yet. Save for telliing everyone how much there kicking ass! And as for how late we are, better late than never. Its going to be worth it in the end. Hang in there, kupo!
  2. ok i got 2 things to ask you. 1. If possible, can someone e-mail what writing you have done and the latest story book. 2. Can someone PLEASE let me come to thier animal crossing WW town? i just got my WiFi 2 weeks ago and i never got to use it yet . That or Mario Kart IDONT CARE I want to use it. Thanks.
  3. IM BACK! Not only am i finacialy stable, but i ditched 56k modem for HIGH SPEED internet! ::snif:: its amazing... first off, am i still in? I know Ive had a LOOONG absence and it could not have been helped. Secondly, man its already been a year? I was one of the first to jump on this project and it doesnt seem like that long ago.
  4. Arek, sorry I havent got my bio in yet. I lost my phoneline in my computer and I wont be back on until the end of the month or some time in march Ill try my best to get it to you by using another computer (Im using the firehall computer and im not supposed to be on long). IM STILL IN THE PROJECT AND STILL ALIVE!
  5. Is it possible for me to mail it to you via AIM mail? I dont have the whole PM message thing down.
  6. ZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzz....HUZZA.. what? Waida Minuet! I'm a writer! Yay! I'm not worthless no more!! ::sniff: I'm so happy...
  7. Is it anything that a writer needs to know, and what is mIRC?
  8. I wouldn't get bent out of shape over the delay Arek. If you rush things, you end up with a half-assed collaboration that is not worthy of the name Kirby. Just think about how awsome it will be when its done! I cant do any writing yet, but Im still good at giving support !
  9. This is just another one of those posting-for-the-sake-of-confirming-Im-still-in-the-project posts... but this time I have a reason for posting! Im not sure if I've said this already, and if I did this will be a reminder, Im not good with poetry(I got hiakus down though). I might not be good enough . I do need to broaden my writing skills and should practice doing some poems, but I dont want to blow this project just so I can "practice". Im always thinking about this project, so naturaly, the thought of me not being able to do poetry came up. This isnt something to discuss here. Lets just say, Im not sure of my abilities. Ill AIM you guys ("you guys" being Kwarp and Arek) when I see you on next time.
  10. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!! THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN, KWARP!!! THEY ARE COUNTING ON YOU TO MAKE THIS PROJECT!! SOMEONE THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!!! Huzzah! I hate to see what happends to the forum when animal crossing:wild world comes out on the 6th... forum of the living dead.
  11. Sorry, Im a lil gung-ho to start writing Good job on the book Kwarp. Great as always.
  12. Someone pause Mario Kart DS for a sec and PM me the pass for the new story book demo! TOOK ME A FREAKIN HALF HOUR TO DOWNLOAD IT AND THE PASS DONT WORK!! DAMN YOU KWARP FOR CHANGING THE PASSWORD!! DAMN YOU 56K MODEM FOR SUCKING SO BAD!!DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!! ...sorry. that was a bit mean, But It added some life back to the forum... uh, the project is still on right? lol
  13. Mario KartDS sounds awsome...I just got a job, so Ill get it with my first pay. THEN ILL PWN YOO n00bS!!! IL b ROXXING yur A$$eS!! ... ok, I can see how annoying that realy is Standard Redle Mas holiday greating: Happy Thanksgiving! Don't get too smashed!
  14. I was eating a bacon sanwhich while I was reading the "bacon rant"... creepy. I might not be on for a couple of days, so Im wishing everyone an early HAPPY HALLOWEEN! so have fun hurling eggs at private propertes and performing dark rituals to resurect the dark lord!* YAY! *Redle does not condone the hurling of any type of dairy products and recomends summoning the dark lord under adult supervision.
  15. OOOH! FFT stuff! Black Mage! Just posting to let you guys know Im still alive. Its been a while since I posted.
  16. I'll be on, but I'm not sure if I can do poetry... I'm not real good at it. I can try though.
  17. Good news! Im Staying! No matter what time the meeting is, I can make it... Uh, what time is the meeting anyway?
  18. This is bad... I find out tomarrow if I have to leave or not. Just set the same time as last week and ill be able to make it. And if I find out have to go friday(tomarrow), I wont leave you in the dark and ill tell you guys FIRST THING. IF YOU DO NOT HEAR FROM ME, ASSUME THAT I CAN MAKE IT beause I wont be leaving.
  19. That book is awsome! I noticed something in the Nova section. If you hurry up and turn to the page with the in-game animation of the "wish sequence", the music is almost perfectly insync with the scene! I do have one suggestion though (and I hate saying this kind of stuff ), but would it be possible if you could add a button on the back coverpage that brings you back to the front coverpage or the table of contents? Just in case one would want to go back through the book and read it again. Thats the only problem I came across. Oh! And can someone send the WIP from the "?" level? Im a sucker for the piano
  20. "Password DOOOM!!!! 0_0" Oh cwap! :types kwarp: NOPE kirby? NOPE sun tan lotion NOPE Mr.T?? I PITY DA FOO WHO DONT KNOW THE PASS damn...Kwarp message me the pass pretty please? :cute puppy face: EDIT: that was my next guess, thanks
  21. Well, I thought the ending to Revenge of Metaknight was good with the cello. As far as the intro goes, it doesn't work well by itself. Mabey a violin and/or piano to back it up... eh I dont know music well though. Just giving my opinion.
  22. Saterday, 10pm est. Ill make sure Im on AIM then. ::puts sticky note on computer::
  23. Ok, before any muck-ups, 7pm pacific would be 6pm eastern right? Sorry im horrible with time zones AND good thing its saterday because I cant make it on friday... Corps Bride comes out! Tim Burton films kick ass.
  24. O_o the project that time forgot.... My trip has been delayed by 3 weeks so im still here. Im availible anytime after 6pm est. All the other writers: TELL THEM WHEN YOUR AVAILIBLE!! Mabey we can get a date set by the end of the weekend. RAAA IM A MONSTER ILL KILL IF YOU DONT GRRRRAAAOORR!! ...tooooo much coffee
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