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  1. Im still in for art and writing. Ill have to scan some of my pics i drew of kirby and send them but ill do it later. If i cant draw i can write.
  2. This song remind me of why Kirby, dipite his apperance, kicks major ace! If you think about it, it kinda does reminds me of owning the whole level as UFO Kirby... too bad you cant be UFO outside the level. This (and the other songs on Rise of the Star) is and excelent mix. It sounds kid-ish but it fits Kirby perfectly. GOOD WORK
  3. This mix is the new must-have-song on OCR! The mixers comments about this mix are completly modest. Not only did the vocal work turn out great, but its one of OCR's best vocal work in my opinion. I hope to hear more of some of her vocals in the future. You also added your own verse too, and thats a big challenge! Keep up the AMAZING work!
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