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  1. This song is beautiful. I tend to like the remixes that use a piano. I've had this song when Rise of the Star first came out and it hasn't left my playlist since . Great job Suzumebachi!
  2. Wow, nice stuff Hock. Ive been tryin to get my comic into flash for a while but my computer wouldnt be able to handle it. That and I never used flash before. ANYWAY, I know a said that I could get a little short story made about Floria by friday, but all this crap hit me at once this week, and im sort of in the dark about some things about the story itself. Like, it would be better if we all got together and wrote the intro together. This would both, tell us what kind of style to write the body, and we would have the intro done. 2 birds-one stone kind of deal. I sort of walked into a minefield blindfolded when I said I could write a WIP in a week without knowing how the intro goes...
  3. My time is sorta limited so try and get a solid plan soon... in the meantime I'll write up a WIP for Floria and save it until we all meet up. And Usa, can you PM me or post your mix of Floria? I couldn't find it posted on the board.
  4. Yay! Writers are not useless no more! Welcome back Kwarp! And dont worry, besides dropping from the artist part im still in for the writing portion and I cant wait.
  5. Wow... alot of people are dropping out. Don't worry to much about it. It's just a minor setback. Remember "Sh** happends". It's best if you just take a step back, take a deep breath and deal with it. Just trying to ease up the tension
  6. I loved it! I like how you opened it up with FF9 battle music. Its like if Square/Enix made a Kirby RPG, the battle music would sound like this. I wouldn't change anything about it... then again, I'm no mixer
  7. I thought we were not doing the story part until Kwarp comes back? But anyway, a cool little easter egg like that would be great! Have like a secret link in some random text somewhere they can click on... kinda like in Strong Bad e-mails (Homestar fans know what im talking about )
  8. How we are incorporating Metaknight and Dedede in this, i dont know. It sounds like you have a couple of ideas for the story though, Arek.
  9. I think i got it... bah for get it... You had it at first. All you forgot though was the "=" before the name in quotations. Also for quick quoting use this button. If you're still lost, there's always here. Oh, and surprisingly nice drawing Claude especially for Paint. ahhhh ok I got it now thanks (post#25 ) And outstanding work with MSpaint Claude! I can't wait to see what you can draw.
  10. Arek Also take note that we have only been at this for around a month and we are already pretty far EDIT: I keep messin up the quote box... can some one tell me how to do it right?
  11. Those are great! You should draw the other partners though. I don't know it it's me, but when Burnin' Leo walks it looks like he's head-bangin' to some hardcore heavy metal... just a random thought.
  12. The coolest sidekick has to be Biospark(ninja). Or, if we are somehow incorporating him in the story, put Meta Knight in there.
  13. Thats being a little harsh. I didn't like it though, sorry. The main thing that was turned me off was "where is the rest of the song??" When it started off, the harmonica was slow and it was the only thing playing. Now im thinking "oh its going to pick up in a little bit" but it didn't. It did emulate being in a school and learning; I was bored out of my mind.
  14. I dont know if this is possible because of the delay on the writing portion, but mabey we should do the chapter art after we write the story or at least part of the story. Though it can still be done without the story, it will make the artists jobs a little easyer. I dont mean to dis you song, its realy cool and it does set up a spacey mood... but what song is that? Thats not in Milyway Wishes is it?
  15. Im downloading now and I cant wait! Flying into Nova is my favorite song in Milkyway Wishes (and mabey in the whole Game).... damn dial up! HURRY! EDIT: THAT WAS AMAZING! It gave me goosbumps! Where to start? I love how you had some of the original music thrown in there. I agree with Arek, the first minute was definatly needed for the story element. The aspect of the song which I loved most: When you close your eyes, you can actualy see the story flipping through your head. Kirby flying into the unknown, then gets attacked by Nova's defence sytem. Then the music slows down a bit, that means Kirby is approching the heart. Then finaly the song starts to detiriate and Nova blows up. I'm still listening to it while writing this! Im no mixer but they way you made this song fit with the story part of the project is perfect. I wouldnt change a thing! Outstanding work, old boy! Good show!
  16. Wow! It sounds good so far. I can't wait to hear the final version of Aqualiss. Every day, this project is getting better and better. I can't wait to start writing for this! It's going to be a blast!
  17. This is a crazy and almost stupid idea, but why not simply SCAN a white piece of paper? Im not sure how it will turn out but its worth a shot or if it will make a difference, unless you want something fancy in the background. Now that i think about it, I have a replica of the Declaration of Independence laying around somewhere and it has that "old parchment" look on the back side I think. Ill see if I can salvage a background from it by scaning it. EDIT: I got something from it but the lettering kinda showed up. Not sure if you can use it though, I'll send it to you if you want.
  18. That would be easy, but then again we wouldnt have to write it that way. Like... "Kirby looked at the Dragon virus and said to himself "Hey, I can handle this!". Suddenly, two more windows popped up! Kirby forgot to update his virus scan! Alt+Ctr+Delete isn't working either! Kirby changed to Ninja form and prepaired for a tough fight..." I know we cant have the virus scan part (I thought it was funny), but write it in that sort of format instead of RPG format.
  19. I love that Ninja Kirby stance! Thats wicked sweet! You should have added Biospark though (the Ninja sidekick... thats my favorite). I also like how you did the RPG bosses, it would be fun to fight them all at once like that! That also reminds me how hard it is going to be when we have to write that battle with the RPG boss... "Kirby uses Knife Attack. Dragon takes 30 points of damage. Kirby uses pokeball.... Dragon caught! A new pokedex page has been added!"
  20. Yea, I suppose its easy to foget about me. I was not only one of the first to join up, I haven't said much on either boards. I have ideas for the story, but I have been holding them until the writers get together to brainstorm.
  21. well i can do the writing part easier than i can do the art part because i just lack the software to do it at the moment. But do you still need a writer? Oh and that e-book by Kwarp is awsome great jorb!
  22. Uh... im gonna have to withdrawl from bein an artist. there is NO WAY i could do half the stuff you want without my photoshop but im still up for helping out with the story. I hate to admit it.. but kirby is harder to draw than i thought lol or atleast not as good as KWarps pics so ill just be a writer and sorry but im a bit of a newbie to forums but how do i get the badge at the bottem of my posts? how embarrasing...
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