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  1. I've heard rumors (rumors being the operative word here) that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles will all be involved. (Like I said, RUMOR)
  2. Favorite created mode recipe: 2 players Stock 99 Lightning Melee Item Freq. Max Damage Ratio 2.0 Only Items Capable of Instant Kill (Thrown or Activated) Turned On (Example: All Healing Items, Lip's Stick, Fire Flower, etc. OFF; HRB, Super Scope, Freezie, Any and All Explosives ON) Matches average about 30-40 minutes, averaging a horrible impactful death at a rate of approx. 1 every 5 seconds. WARNING: If you have asthma, I recommend against playing this mode, or at least having your inhaler handy, otherwise you're going to laugh yourself into an early grave.
  3. The first time I beat him, I didn't even mean to. I was told to take out the pillars in the room. So I was hacking away at one with my lightsaber, Desann walks up behind me right as I do an overhead slash. The tip of my lightsaber touched his head and killed him instantly. I felt so cheated...
  4. Soooo....I've actually already posted a few times, I'm kind of used to things around here. I got hooked on the sight within the first 7 seconds of The Wingless' "All the world in a Girl". I actually have an OC Remix playlist on my iPod. (I listen to it more than all else.) And just to stir the chile just a bit, I liked FF8 better than FF7. *ducks* Anyway, good to be here.
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