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  1. very very good.. I loved it in Sonic Adventure.. and now you've mixed it with my favorite two genres: Ambience and Drum and Bass/Jungle. It's a complete winning combination I will file this under "my favorite songs of all time" folder... I really liked it that much, yes.
  2. awwww.. i don't like how my favorite part of this song is sooooo chopped up to the point where i can only hear tiny bits and pieces of it.. The part I'm talking about is first played at 1:33... In rez this part is explosive and uplifting not chooped up and looked over... other than that i think it's an okay mix.... btw.. where are th other rez mixes?
  3. Love it... to death... Good smooth and nicely paced.. and I'm a big fan of the Amen Break so.. you had me from the start..
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