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  1. Has anyone found a way to transfer games from someone's Wii to another? i.e. a way to take them from a SD card that has them backed up from one Wii and puts them on the Wii of a different owner?
  2. I rarely comment on songs. I'm just a listener, not a judge or a songwriter. But this track was simply phenomenal. I could feel every note as it flowed out of my speakers, it is very powerful and very, very inspiring. Quite possibly one of the best FFVI remixes, and considering the quality of many of them, that says a lot right away.
  3. skenter4


    Is anyone going to Anime Central this May 10th in Chicago? I have never been to ACen, but I know it is one of the largest cons in the country. We could have a potential gathering there. I think it would be good.
  4. These weren't the three jobs I was referring to - these are just the three new jobs. I was referring to Puppetmaster, Beastmaster, and Summoner, the three generally considered soloable jobs (Harder, perhaps, on summoner). Though I also know a guy who went mostly to 75 on Dragoon soloing.
  5. Man, people are gonna think I only made a forum account for THIS game... Anyways, as a level 75 player on the best server, Siren (Not to be an arrogant comment, just we placed 1st in both English and Japanese Ballista Royale, and we're 1 of only 2 servers left undefeated in Besieged), I believe that people often give FFXI a bad rap just because of how much partying it does take. Truth be told, things have improved for those who just want to solo or do things in smaller groups. There are at least 3 jobs now that can be soloed to 75, and many duos and trios can do it as well. Experience points bonuses can now be gained by leveling in the new areas (Level 50+) or by using a charge out of the experience bands that doubles gains for a short period of time. Signet now gains you a bonus in any of the areas it kicks in at for groups of two to five people. One of the other main complaints that people had is that Square Enix did not listen to their player base. This has changed drastically - many efforts have been placed to stop the gilsellers, they are nearly completely out of business at this point. I think sometimes people like to give FFXI a bad rap, is my main point, despite only giving it a few months. Jericho of Siren Edit: Someone PLEASE make some remixes for this game that can pass the judging community ^_~
  6. Yeah, The Shadow Lord had a great theme. The Star Onions already did a remix for it on their CD (Though I would love to hear what the remixers here could do to it).
  7. I am a listener, not a remixer. (Though I wish I was) I am a forum noob, for the most part. But, I must admit, FFVI has the most solid soundtrack in the entire series, in my opinion. Yes, the site has plenty of remixes on it, but to form a pure project on the soundtrack, I think, would be a shining achievement to the the remixers who work on it.
  8. I admit that sadly I see it's conception among the gaming community as frowned upon, I believe it is an excellent game. And the soundtrack is amazing, I am shocked to see absolutely no remixes available yet. There are certain tracks I wish to see, though any others made would be excellent: - "Bustle of the Capital" (Aht Urghan theme) - "The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah" - The themes of the main nations(San d'oria "Kingdom of San d'Oria", Bastok "Republic of Bastok", Windurst "Federation of Windurst", Jeuno "The Grand Duchy of Jeuno") - "Dash de Chocobo" - "Ronfaure" For remixer's information, if necessary, the first track comes from the Treasures of Aht Urghan soundtrack, the Zi'tah and Dash de Chocobo come from The Rise of the Zilart soundtrack, and the rest come from the original soundtrack. If you need mp3s, mail me or send me an instant message. Thank you for your consideration!
  9. This actually did a perfect job of representing the backwords, bizzaro aspect of Moonside. I find that all the Earthbound remixes here are marvelous works of art and that we need more of them. Again, nice job.
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