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  1. Hey everybody. I've been listening to a couple NES soundtracks recently, but none have caught my ear more than the Crash and the Boys Street Challenge soundtrack. Not only does it bring back great memories, but the soundtrack itself is amazing. I'd like to make a request for the title theme, which is the first song on this NSF. http://www.zophar.net/nsf/crash.zip I'd also like to make a request for the fight theme, which is track 11 on the nsf. I haven't seen any Crash 'n the Boys mixes around, so any song mixed would be awesome. As for styles, I could see many of these songs in a rock and roll or a metal style. I could also see them take an awesome techno beat dance style. Thanks for reading, and I hope one day to see a Crash mix up here -Balinor
  2. Awesome mix. I love it, it's groovy. Very easy to listen to
  3. This song rocks. I love the remix. From a listeners point of view, I think it kicks ass. I love the build up. I love the tempo and the instruments used. This is one of my favourite remixes for sure. Either way, props to Mr. Saunders.
  4. Just because it isn't full of super-fancy and complex loops and sounds doesn't mean its not a good song. The greatness of this song comes out of its simplicity. It takes a really good tune and gives it some flavor. Insomnic does a great job of putting the spice on this awesome meal of a song.
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