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  1. Fun fact: There's millions of copies of the game in a New Mexico landfill because no one wants to buy the turd about a space turd. As for hardest boss, I'd say Emerald or Ruby Weapons from FFVII are extremely hard.
  2. Halls of Collosia was my favorite track from SoE to begin with. This ReMix is an excellent rendition of it. It doesn't take away from the ambient feeling that was generated by the original, and yet it adds so much on many different levels. The addition of a chorus in the background is an awesome touch, and it exudes surreality. Simply awesome work.
  3. The remix makes me want to brandish a huge sword and fight a large fire/ice/acid breathing monstrosity for a crapload of EXP and GP. Seriously though, the source material was incredible to begin with. To one-up it is extraordinary. Keep up the good work man!
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