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  1. This is nice man. It's quite possibly my favorite remix i've heard here. It's in a real dark key. Big up on dat one. And the way you made your own melody gave this song that new flava son. This was some good ish and I enjoyed it. I really didn't know what to expect after hearing peeples. I liked the intro even though it got kinda cluttered at one point. And I think you should have handled your drum intro somewhat differently. But whatever doesn't matter that much. You gave the gerudo song a much needed facelift. This is the first song I heard by you but if the others are anything like this I'll be hitting em up. I also liked the way you brought the orginal melody in around 1:06 that was beautiful man. Some good ish for real. This song has a rea hip-hop western sytle to it. Nice man. Real nice. Also I want to know how much of this is live aswell. Very nicely done. It's not that hard man. Peeples remix of the song has a good treble but the bassline is rather annoying. I like the song when the bassline isn't there butI really can't get into peeples with that bassline doing that. For one reason of another that first note is sharp. The guitars are fine. But that bass ruined it for me. But that's just my opinion, and probably my own fault for listening to music where everything is in the right key. That peeple version just isn't that good. So I'm going to tweak your score and reverse it. 10/7.5 that's how much I like this song.
  2. I enjoyed this remix. It was good but out of the remixs of gerudo this one is #2 man. Djpretzal got you beat on my list. I like the key he has the song better I think. I really thinks the only reason. I always seem to lean more to the darker side of the keys. I make beats myself but they game remakes though. But this is still the shit nonetheless. Besides I posted this to let you know I liked it. Not to tell you that I pretzal's better. Good job son.
  3. That was fantasic man. I found myself making up my own guitar breakdown right there. This song is really musical and just makes me feel good about it. At 3:55 i love the baseline. And around 5:08 my favorite part is tight. Just perfect. You could have gotten crazy towards the end if you wanted to. I don't why you didn't. Supurb.
  4. It's much to classic techno. But again why is the bass out of key of the melody. I really don't like the sound used for the melody either. In my opinion this is a bad remix. Not a fan of the key change in 3:05 because it's still off key of the bass.
  5. I can't figure out why you made the bassline out of key and I don't really want to. I have a really good sound system but I can't listen to this song on it. Simply because the subwoofers keep pouring out the wrong notes. It's terrible, don't put the bassline out of the key of the song. It's a bad idea. I couldn't even finish the song because of it.
  6. I didn't like it. It really didn't do the melody justice. Prehaps the weird synth horns or whatever that is. I can't even tell. And the windwoods. Compared to the other remix's of Terra. This is my least favorite.
  7. You got it forreal Jose. We all know Knuckles is the man. That's why his theme is hip-hop, cuz he's the shit and so is the song. Good job man. You can spit for real.
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