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  1. I've been dying for a remix of this song alone. I'm loving it. can't wait to see if a finished result will pass through the judges panel, though this thread is over a year old.
  2. I completely agree to this. The Stage 4 song is cool enough to want to learn remixing just to give it a remix. I'm suprised there haven't been recreations of any of the songs from this game, yet.
  3. Anyone remember the music in this game? I'd like to see any of the stages done but I've always loved stage 4 because of how the ambient drip sound turned into part of the song that took almost forever to build up, and then you're treated to that (guitar?) solo at the end before it loops.
  4. Wicked song. As some have said, not exactly expanding on the original. It's just got the beginning of the song's melody and it plays that over and over, but it still delivers. First post yes, but I've downloaded over 150, and listened to over 200 maybe. I dunno, who's counting? This song is up there in my top 10. I just grabbed me and became a favorite that I see myself clicking first to start my playlist. Excellent job Dan.
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