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  1. :<

    For me:


    I used to spend a lot (and I mean  a lot) of time on video games. In the past I averaged around (8 - 15 hours a day playing video games) well up into a few years ago when I took a drastic dip. Primarily due to real life obligations. (2007 - 2010 on video games) during that time I would spend around (2 - 4 hours a day on video games). After 2010 I would increase that a little bit (4 - 8 hours a day on video games).




    It is true. Before 2007, I was a video game addict. My whole life was consumed by Nintendo and Steam.


    As I age, so do my video game habits. With nothing to peak my interest, gaming played a big part of my life. I still play video games daily, just not as often as I used to. Some call that a "burn-out" but I just call it "transitional-speed-bump". Reason I call it that is because I am transitioning from a hardcore gamer to a more casual one.


    When I take up another interest, I feel gaming might continue to decrease less and less until it is gone from interests completely. Because sometimes I feel like I am transitioning out of gaming because I am growing older and games are growing younger. 





    I used to be a video game addict, and it took a lot of time to break that addiction.



  2. 8)


    I use it for the reward points. My friend list is empty because the people I know IRL don't have Miitomo yet and it seems like they are dis-interested in it.


    I don't know if I will add randos (random people) because that would defeat the purpose of the app that is tailored for school students and others who know each other via facebook or IRL.


    I think it is limited so far though, I would like to see more decorating options and more mini-games and rewards. Maybe over time Nintendo will do more with this App that has potential. (=



  3. 8-)

    I like the announcement of Nintendo Branded characters making it to the roster. Sad to say but Shovel Knight is indie branded not Nintendo branded. Then again same can really be said for Ryu and Mega Man about them not being Nintendo Branded as well as Cloud. But I am sad to hear that soon they are going to stop making DLC for Smash. I am guessing it will be after the NX is released. I just hope they don't shut down their servers like they did with Wii.. Going off topic... 


    I haven't been on Smash since earlier this month, I plan on buying all 3 of the newest announcements. Corrin, Cloud, and Bayonetta. I just hope they are cheap (=


  4. :< 


    Cloud seems way out of place on this list. I thought Final Fantasy is a Square Enix brand and they want nothing to do with Nintendo. Same I guess can be said with Ryu being Capcom and Snake being Konami. Characters who are out of place in Sm4sh just seem to devalue the concept. I have nothing against Cloud, Ryu, Mega Man or Snake, it is just that they have been out of Nintendos' line-up for a long time (over 20 years) and having them in Sm4sh makes it seem like any character from any system can be apart of it. I am glad though they have updates for Sm4sh, I just hope they don't go overboard with characters have little-to-nothing to do with Nintendo.


    My opinion anyway (=



  5. :< 


    I am a little hesitant putting this on here because I know I am very bad at music samples and I am not a musician and a majority of people here are very good it becomes intimidating.


    I wanted to try to take a stab at editing and sampling, I been practicing for a long time now and I am still in the beginner stages of music. I really want to get decent first then good, but I have a long way to go.


    I go by the name of Hypnotikid, and I like to experiment with DWS (Digital Work Stations) and sound splicing. I hope to one day become a remixer, and I will strive to be that in my lifetime. But until then, I have to prepare myself for criticism (hopefully constructive) in order for me to get better. 


    Now for the moment of truth. 


    I recently made an album and released it to the public. This is my first of what I hope to be many. I wanted to try ASMR and Ambient because I find those most interesting to experiment with. I went ahead and made 13 tracks and took some of my old tracks and combined them onto it because it matched the mood I was looking for.


    I hope I did okay, and I am looking for ways to improve. Thanks for taking the time to listen. My sounds will always be free and this album is no exception to that.





  6. :<


    Recently bought the game a few days ago. It feels limited in the beginning but as I kept playing, the money I spent on it seems to be fitting. 


    I did the 100 Mario challenge without loosing a life first time I tried it, primarily because of the abundance of the auto Mario levels I kept getting which ruins the experience. I think Nintendo might patch this if they haven't already. 


    I enjoy the game even though I spend more then an hour to upload my levels, I only make easy levels because I am too lazy to upload hard levels that I can only clear in edit lol.



  7. :<



    Hope the Mario Maker Stage is 10$ or less, any more then that then I have to go back to the store and get another e-card lol


    But judging by the video, it has promise. I hope that video of it is legit, because they make it sound like it is going to be amazing.


    I prefer buying characters over stages but I might make an exception to this. To all those who want to know about this stage. youtube search "Mario Maker Stage". I viewed the stage from Ign. (=



  8. :<


    I recently bought Hyrule Warriors. It is an amazing game. Although I should grind a bit more before progressing, I think the idea behind the aesthetics of the game are innovative and enjoyable. (=


    I been addicted to that over Super Mario 3D Worlds and Smash which are equally as enjoyable.



  9. :twisted: 


    Here I thought the 3DS was full to capacity when it came to Smash Bros. I thought they stopped making characters for it because they didn't have enough room for them. I heard they canceled the release of Ice Climbers because the 3DS couldn't handle it. Now they are releasing Lucas and released Mew 2?


    I don't get Nintendo sometimes, but I am glad they are updating their IPs a lot.


    I got a Wii U middle of May, and it doesn't disappoint. I just need to stop buying used games (Disc errors every time).


    I tried to re-main Falco (he was my main in Smash Bros 3) but for some reason he feels different. Idk how but lately I just cant feel his aura and can't be mained in SSB4.


    Now though I like to main my original Mii Brawler. I fear I can't go online though due to me having to eject the disk every hour or so but I like my brawler in all star and Orders. (=



  10. :<


    I got a Wii U 2 weeks ago, and it is amazingly fun. It took awhile to set up due to the fact of updates, but afterwards it became enjoyable. My only gripe is this used game called "Smash Brothers" the disc keeps spewing errors after every 2 or 3 loads.


    I got 4 games so far. Super Smash Brothers Wii Brawl U, Earthbound, Nintendo Land, and Super Mario 3D World. All are fun and I will not let 1 used game spoil the experience ;)



  11. I think I know exactly the room you are referring to that allowed every VGM type except Dubstep. I was a resident Dj in a VGM only room before but I got demoted because I kept being a bother to the other staff, my personality didn't suit the room so I left ;)

    I still kept my playlists of VGM (I'm glad I did) so maybe if this room becomes hoppin' I'll jump.

    I deleted most of my broken linked ones, I will just have to refill them and I'll be good.

    Today I was on and unfortunately this new room was empty, but I will keep checking (=

  12. I bet Disney is gonna crack the whip on Pixar or another 3rd party they bought to bring this together. No "new" Disney can beat 30s-90s Disney. Gravity Falls comes close, but just missed by a hair.

    I don't get Disney XD channel (where this toon is most likely to be aired), so I'll just watch the old Duck Tales.

    Still, i'm glad they are trying to bring it back in some form. I just hope whoever they get to making it, are the same who writes and animates for Gravity Falls and not include corn-ball jokes ;)

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