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    collect dragons, skulls, action figures, zippo lighters, swords, knives, and anything else that look cool to me.
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  1. not right spot to post this but not sure where else. what program would ya'll use to make remixes and so on? i am thinking about giving it a shot and either see how bad i will be or so lol
  2. all i have is Terraria cause i am poor lol
  3. he is god. his music is awesome, i am so not worthy to stand in front of him. i got into final fantasy because i watched my brother play number 6 and i got hooked.
  4. since i play minecraft more then my bro i wish to join you all. his user name is johnburt3rd. i am playing under his till i can get my own
  5. not on a server. i'm playing in single player mode cause my bro was the one that bought minecraft so i don't want to be his user name. so i do a lot in single player mode. never thought of that The Phalanx guess i can try that
  6. i need some help trying to get a dragon to look like samus here in graph so i can count the blocks and so on and not sure how to go about it. so i came to you wonderful folks here is samus: i've been trying to get a dragon going but for some reason it is not coming out right.
  7. i play single player a lot cause my brother was the one that bought it so i don't want to be stuck with his name lol. edit:removed video. will post a different one another time
  8. got it done hopefully i did it right
  9. something i done in single play. still trying to figure out how to make a dragon though. so that project might take me a while my home and an outdoor fireplace edit: at the moment i am workin on making the triforce. i will post a pic once it is finished
  10. thought i bring this back to life
  11. watching the video i could not stop laughing. my sides hurt now but thumbs up to them for coming up with something so funny
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