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  1. not right spot to post this but not sure where else. what program would ya'll use to make remixes and so on? i am thinking about giving it a shot and either see how bad i will be or so lol
  2. all i have is Terraria cause i am poor lol
  3. he is god. his music is awesome, i am so not worthy to stand in front of him. i got into final fantasy because i watched my brother play number 6 and i got hooked.
  4. since i play minecraft more then my bro i wish to join you all. his user name is johnburt3rd. i am playing under his till i can get my own
  5. not on a server. i'm playing in single player mode cause my bro was the one that bought minecraft so i don't want to be his user name. so i do a lot in single player mode. never thought of that The Phalanx guess i can try that
  6. i need some help trying to get a dragon to look like samus here in graph so i can count the blocks and so on and not sure how to go about it. so i came to you wonderful folks here is samus: i've been trying to get a dragon going but for some reason it is not coming out right.
  7. i play single player a lot cause my brother was the one that bought it so i don't want to be stuck with his name lol. edit:removed video. will post a different one another time
  8. got it done hopefully i did it right
  9. something i done in single play. still trying to figure out how to make a dragon though. so that project might take me a while my home and an outdoor fireplace edit: at the moment i am workin on making the triforce. i will post a pic once it is finished
  10. thought i bring this back to life
  11. watching the video i could not stop laughing. my sides hurt now but thumbs up to them for coming up with something so funny
  12. if i can get it to work would like to use Final Fantasy 6 - Terra in Black or do Fate Unlimited Codes - Emiya
  13. yes, i too have been listening to his work of art and surely do miss his work. i love listening to the one with him and pixietricks and i also enjoy his work for Final Fantasy VII - Cosmo Canyon.
  14. i agree with blackpanther. paintballin is a lot of fun. never had to rent a filed cause we already had the gear and stuff so we did it around the house. it was so much fun. never did laser tag but i rather go with paintball
  15. i remember playing this game and always get beaten by my brother but was always fun. and the music to it was awesome all right. be good to hear some mixes from it but i'll wait and see
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