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  1. If you think Twin Snakes is too easy, jack up the difficulty. I've played both versions of MGS, and I find that Twin Snakes' improvements in play mechanics, control, graphics and environmental interactivity give it a rather substantial edge over the original as far as the overall presentation of the game. I don't have a problem with the accents being missing from Twin Snakes; Naomi and Mei Ling have both lived in America for many years and are likely to speak as such. And I also don't have a problem with the Matrix-y cutscenes, given that 1) they are awesome and 2) even in the original game, G
  2. Looking at your grammar and spelling, I don't feel that I need to respond to you.
  3. What the fuck are you idiots on? Final Fantasy characters aren't realistic. They're just as over-the-top as anything Nintendo ever came up with. Somebody like Cloud or Squall would fit in absolutely fucking perfectly with the Super Smash Bros. design ethic precisely because of that. They even have pre-existing Limit moves that could easily be adapted to serve as SSB special moves. Not only that, FFVII-and-onwards characters are pretty much the only ones that actually HAVE distinctive moves instead of generic techs or spells. I could see Mog being a character, but nobody else pre-VII is really
  4. Add my voice to the chorus of people sucking on Death Note's 18-inch cock. It is a godly show, though I'm glad the Yotsuba arc is over now. One very notable place where Death Note is of high quality is in the music. And I fucking hate most anime music, as well as most anime. The only music I've ever actually really liked in anime was Eva, and that was mostly because it made such liberal use of well-known classical pieces and Frank Sinatra covers. I've heard that somebody else is the President of the United States in the Death Note continuity. Too bad, really. What with all the social justice
  5. No, you're both wrong. It was more like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN
  6. *cough* Teenage Advent Ninja Turtles *cough*
  7. Hadriel


    Linear algebra is making me want to shoot myself in the face. One of my relatives died, so I missed several class periods and horribly bombed the first exam. The really depressing part is that there's only that exam, one more in April, and a comprehensive final, with our homework counting as one collective exam grade. Not only that, he hasn't even told us the grading scheme, although he's mentioned that the final will probably count for more than the other tests. Unless the final counts for like 40% of my grade, I think a B is the highest possible grade I can get right now; I need better if I
  8. You were one of the people that helped make not just this site, but the entire community. You'll be missed like few others ever will. also keep making music plz.
  9. Hadriel


    The Zeta function seems like something we should have studied during all the hoopla about sequences and series back in Calc II. Yet we never so much as touched it. Isn't it supposed to represent the distribution of prime numbers? Nggh, this sounds like something that'd be simple if I had another year of schooling in me.
  10. Cloud's been in FFVII, AC, BC, and DC, plus KH I, CoM, and II, and will probably make some kind of an appearance in CC. Admittedly, most of those are side stories set in the same universe, but he's one of like two or three Square characters that has a wide enough recognition and fanbase to make it worth the effort; his special moves are clearly defined from the Limit Break system, and it'd bring a bunch of hardcore Square fans previously uninterested in getting a Wii to the table. Whether you like Cloud or hate him, the only thing he does better than chopping people up is selling things. And y
  11. We've had stupider people before. So can anyone provide me with a link to a version of the trailer that doesn't fucking skip every three seconds?
  12. Castlevania, like Metal Gear, is another game that was originally on the NES. It's even made by Konami, to boot; it shouldn't be too hard to snag a vampire hunter or two.
  13. You could do that if you want, but the strategy I outlined was how to beat them without invincibility.
  14. Convert your Laguna Card into 10 Holy Wars, invincibility for abour 3-5 rounds apiece, then just unleash your limit breaks on him! Easy Peasey!!!! Cheap. I beat both Weapons without Holy Wars or Hero Drinks. Hell, I missed almost every card, so I didn't have a choice; I never bother with the card games. Ultima Weapon isn't much harder than he was in VII. I recommend Squall, Zell, and Irvine for dealing with the Weapons. What you need is the following: The best weapons for every character 9999 HP on everyone 255 STR on Squall, 200+ for everyone else 100 Quick Ammo for Irvine Megalixirs and Mega
  15. The idea of the thread is to name who you believe is the all-time hardest boss, not to explain every boss you thought was difficult in detail. I'll post what I feel like, thank you very much. On Ganon: Meh, by that time Link's powerful enough that I'd be surprised if an armor division could take him down. Hell, I'd be surprised if he didn't singlehandedly defeat an orbital bombardment from a fleet of invading aliens by using the Master Sword and Mirror Shield to reflect their n00b energy blasts right back up their ass. Aliens = ZeldOWNED.
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