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  1. i really didn't like 9. i just couldn't play it anymore! Right now i'm hooked on 4 for the gba and its pretty sweet. i'm just gettin warmed up till 6 comes out next week! Yea YAY!
  2. 8 is pretty cool, now 9...eh..i've seen better.
  3. all games are headin the multiplayer route, and i can't blame em'. Multiplayer is like a MUST have on every video game nowadays
  4. That game does look pretty interesting, how the guy moves from his main platform onto the background. I might...download it lol
  5. I'm a sucker when it comes to "FF" and "Chrono" series. But i'm a happy one
  6. Rarity? now i GOTTA get a copy.
  7. I agree with you on the whole remake for metal gear(twin snakes) although very flashy, they just went OVER BOARD with the whole matrix like cut-scenes. i mean come on, snake ridin a missile like a skateboard? ridiculous.
  8. i like the venus lighthouse theme, lost age world map theme, ...can't think of any other ones at the moment
  9. See thats the thing. for FF3 i was very dissapointed in having a black screen while i'm in a battle. They could have put like..your stats or like...i dunno sumthin but just dont leave it blank. Yeah you're right, no matter what, if they bring Chrono Trigger or any other FF based game either to the gba/ds/vc/whatever, i'd still get it too. I mean come on, its final fantasy/chrono trigger!
  10. EBA is a good game. I bought myself a copy and i bought a copy for my brother on xmas. Its that fun and sumtimes challenging. Especially with the divas, but then i figured that if you turn the DS upside down, its basically the same moves as Agent Chieftan(3rd difficulty). Yeah i need to get back and beat that game with the divas.
  11. i got ff 1/2:dawn of souls(ff1 being my fave on it, ff2 is just out there), ff3 for ds(i just bought it, not really my fave, would have preferred being on the gba) and then ff4-ff12 on psx/ps2. i'm thinkin of buyin ff4/ff5 for the gba(especially since i recently got a micro) this weekend. The reason for this being is i'm tryin to beat all the "numerical" ff games this year(ff1-ff12, mystic quest doesn't count, legend doesn't count, tactics doesn't count, and ff11 doesn't cuz its online and never ending). anyways i think i got off topic but, yeah waitin for ff6 and chrono trigger for gba advance(please not ds, keep it cool and old school!)
  12. i think blizzard is givin starcraft a bad name. i mean..whatever happened to starcraft ghost? i was waiting and waiting for that, is that even out? i think all this "wow" just made blizzard lazy so they probably stopped production of the game...maybe a "wow" version of Diablo 1/2?
  13. its possible for a ff7 on the ds but come on, the remake has to be on ps3. i mean i got ff7 on psx and psp, why would i want it on ds? i'm waitin for a ff6 remix...that and chrono trigger(please chrono trigger at least on the gba!)
  14. Oh man..Oregon Trail on the old apple computers!
  15. yeah why is that? that really got me thinkin!
  16. yeah i've heard that game glitched to my friend as well. like my elite beat agents copy glitches sumtimes when i play as the divas.
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