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  1. While I might not have known Reuben personally, I did know his talent. I've listened to his OCR tracks before, and I've played his MUGEN characters plenty of times. He will be missed, and remembered.
  2. Just need to mention that not only did I love the version of the song with vocals, but the version without inspired me so much, that I contacted zircon and now have an opening to my podcast using the music. Great stuff, and something that I can listen to again and again without getting tired of it. And I must say, pixie's vocals in this were superb. Job well done folks!
  3. I'm catching up big time on episodes now. Listening to Episode 22 as I type, and will hopefully get through with four or so episodes tonight. It's been a while...
  4. Good. At least I'm not a completely bad person.
  5. I love the soundtracks to Silent Hill 2-4, but I haven't played the games. Does that make me a bad person?
  6. wow thanks! We're glad you dig the show! And welcome to one of the best, tight-knit online communities out there. Glad to be here. Thanks for the welcome.
  7. I enjoy your podcast muchly, and actually signed up here at the board because of how much I enjoy the podcast. I'm subscribed with FeedDemon, but I did the iTunes subscription for stats sake. Keep up the good work!
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