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  1. I made some more, I figured I'd just post it in the same thread I made before. thoughts/opinions? any type of help is welcome, or if you want to work with it thats also appreciable. I think it's too mechanical, mouse made and non-expressive, is anyone interested in playing it on a real piano? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa6_u9tTYqM&lc=5GsDQXa040glffi196PvMzNpA9S_Kg1o9c48JQfvzKY&feature=inbox also, heres another one inspired by math class and earthbound. I was experimenting with FL filters and EB in-game samples. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v-QdNloKtE&feature=g-upl
  2. I'm not really new here, I've always been into ocremix I'm just not exactly someone who gets very involved with people, but I'm interested in making the music now and hopefully somewhere down the line when I develop my skills I can help add to something bigger than myself. Or I can get hit by a bus tomorrow, who knows. I'm also the united states champion of Mario Kart 64 for those of you who don't know, I'm Jeffrey Gutierrez here, http://speeddemosarchive.com/MarioKart64.html and here, http://speedrunwiki.com/Jeffrey_Gutierrez as well as here, http://www.mariokart64.com/mk64/pl.cgi I
  3. I recently found my account information for FL studio and decided to download it again and have at it. I don't have anything other then a laptop and a mouse though, so composing is difficult but I've managed to put a few things together, but none of it is "complete". I have lots of simple ideas like this, infact, I have thousands of them, but I never complete them, I really just want them to inspire people somehow. I wanted to know if this particular piece inspires anyone, or give anyone any ideas; and if you feel like you can do something with it, then please by all means tell me so and I
  4. Well, I havn't posted any of my works in awhile, but I do have quite a few, there not very long, 50 seconds to 2 minutes or so. Atleast I have a decent bit, some really really need tightning up, but the ideas are there to say the very least. Take a listen, tell me what you guys think, do you like any of the ideas? should I continue working on these? I never really planned to continue working on these, I treated them mostly as training untill I'm ready for the big one... (most likely goldeneye egyption..) ~Goldeneye - Surface Remix Experiment~ http://download.yousendit.com/BA83428356AF8B4B
  5. see what I mean? >_<I just now said that I would give it a serious attempt alright, . You should give me more than 5 minutes to back this up.
  6. I really hate doing things like this, makes me feel like i'm sucking up and kissin' everyones ass. But since I respect your mad synth skills I shall give it a serious attempt. I won't turn into some kiddie if thats what your hoping though, I'll won't spam, and try to be productive with all of my post, etc, which basicly means I'll make a post about once a week. (I'm going to post a bunch of little snippet works i've been making recently, check em out, there aren't that many, 5 at the most.)
  7. I knew that Yoozer would qoute my post, segment by segment. somehow i knew...
  8. I made this topic because I was looking for any possible answers as to why the A major scale came off sounding as weird as it did. how am i suppose to know what is going to be treated as a joke on these forums? or any music forums for that matter... 99% of you folks possess way more knowledge/skill/expierance in every single aspect of music then I do. I have devoted so much time and effort into increasing my abilities, knowledge,etc on the subject, but no matter how much I learn it always seems that i'm lightyears away from being able to have any type of true communication with any seasoned
  9. I think you hit it right on the spot, though, I knew about this before you posted it, and took it into consideration. the thing that bothers me is that it's nether pleasent or unpleasent sound, it's just a really peculiar sound, like it just dosn't belong there. at all. I hit the notes before and after it and I just can't find myself satisfied
  10. When I said I went from C to G to D etc, I was talking abuot major scales, not individual notes. I did this on a digital piano, so it can't be out of tune (Atleast more than likely ok? ) It just feels like it's not the a major scale or whatever, there is defanantly something weird about it. anyways, to snappleman, I don't think I've done anything serious enough to get banneed, I started this topic with serious intention in mind. People are telling me it's just me, but when I hit that seventh note I completely stopped and said "wtf?"
  11. I never really played scales for practice or anything, I just learned them years ago, and I completely stopped playing them afterwords, I woke up this morning and decided I should check up and see if I remember them. So i was going trough the scales and I went from C, to G to D, and then A, the 7th really really stuck out and it bother me, I was wondering If i'm just hearing shit, I don't know, I found it interesting and thought I would let you guys know.
  12. I was wondering this, i know how the piano works, you press down on a key and the time it takes the piano to sound etc, the lifting of your finger how long it takes to turn off, i was wondering if there are any digital pianos that actually capture a real piano closely? I just don't feel qualified enough to answer this question myself, so what are your thoughts?
  13. omfg... ocr vs timbalan... anyone of you guys think this can get huge reception?
  14. How do I edit the title of this thread? I think it might be a decent idea to make this a general request thread, about simple things, I know alot of the answers can be found else where on the web, but they never really answer your question specifically, and besides, this website houses tons of legendarys. general questions, like how do you work with a reverb unit to get a certain sound you want, you know, to answer specific questions, like a hotline service bruv.
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