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  1. I made some more, I figured I'd just post it in the same thread I made before. thoughts/opinions? any type of help is welcome, or if you want to work with it thats also appreciable. I think it's too mechanical, mouse made and non-expressive, is anyone interested in playing it on a real piano? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa6_u9tTYqM&lc=5GsDQXa040glffi196PvMzNpA9S_Kg1o9c48JQfvzKY&feature=inbox also, heres another one inspired by math class and earthbound. I was experimenting with FL filters and EB in-game samples. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v-QdNloKtE&feature=g-upl Cheers.
  2. I'm not really new here, I've always been into ocremix I'm just not exactly someone who gets very involved with people, but I'm interested in making the music now and hopefully somewhere down the line when I develop my skills I can help add to something bigger than myself. Or I can get hit by a bus tomorrow, who knows. I'm also the united states champion of Mario Kart 64 for those of you who don't know, I'm Jeffrey Gutierrez here, http://speeddemosarchive.com/MarioKart64.html and here, http://speedrunwiki.com/Jeffrey_Gutierrez as well as here, http://www.mariokart64.com/mk64/pl.cgi I also play quake live competitively, left 4 dead on Steam, and I'm true Earthbound/Doom/Zelda/Final fantasy fan. My favorite video game composers are Keeichi Suzuki, Koji Kondo and bobby prince probably. I also like Alexander Scriabin piano music, Beethoven and Aphex twin as well as artist like u-ziq, massive attack. I play the piano and compose music but I'm not very good at it. atleast not yet. I got my entire life to build up on these skills and by the looks of it it will be all I have to do for a good while. If that's not proof I like video games and video game music then I don't know what is. Nice to meet you all I hope to be a productive member of this community somehow. here is my current project it's called "suffocating matryoshka" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v-QdNloKtE&feature=plcp
  3. I recently found my account information for FL studio and decided to download it again and have at it. I don't have anything other then a laptop and a mouse though, so composing is difficult but I've managed to put a few things together, but none of it is "complete". I have lots of simple ideas like this, infact, I have thousands of them, but I never complete them, I really just want them to inspire people somehow. I wanted to know if this particular piece inspires anyone, or give anyone any ideas; and if you feel like you can do something with it, then please by all means tell me so and I'll give you the fl files or whatever else you need to bring them to life. Midi Piano - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMNco3l9opw&feature=plcp It doesn't fallow any traditional form, I pretty much was just mouse clicking and going with whatever flow seemed coherent at the time, but I know this is so underdeveloped and I think it should be worked on by others. please give feedback, and the other videos on my channel are just me messing around with my copy of fl studio.
  4. Well, I havn't posted any of my works in awhile, but I do have quite a few, there not very long, 50 seconds to 2 minutes or so. Atleast I have a decent bit, some really really need tightning up, but the ideas are there to say the very least. Take a listen, tell me what you guys think, do you like any of the ideas? should I continue working on these? I never really planned to continue working on these, I treated them mostly as training untill I'm ready for the big one... (most likely goldeneye egyption..) ~Goldeneye - Surface Remix Experiment~ http://download.yousendit.com/BA83428356AF8B4B After listening to a ton of oc remix's in my time, I realized that changing the mood and character of a song happends way more often then I thought, (I was under the impression you actually couldn't do this.) So this is my small attempt at making the surface theme a happy one, I tried my best to keep the theme "snowy". I only had reason to work with, and the east flute sounded best. ~Killer Instinct Glacius~ http://download.yousendit.com/87A13F0B6B20A0D2 After listening to this your already aware of my problem, I don't know how to make lenghty.compositions, I know the theory, but I forget it, so it dosn't matter. I tink if the bassline was more "in your face", and if the last note of the bassline was changed to suit my needs it would have been a decent job. I showed this one in IRC chat room, I kept getting complaints about the drums sounding too looped, and the kick drum not being humanized etc, I don't understand this. I don't want the beat to sound like it's from a real drum set, I want it to sound like it was made from redrum, which it was. I got about 4 more to show, but I can't, because yousendit is now asking me to log in for some reason. I'll post back later. GHEEEy.. >_>
  5. see what I mean? >_<I just now said that I would give it a serious attempt alright, . You should give me more than 5 minutes to back this up.
  6. I really hate doing things like this, makes me feel like i'm sucking up and kissin' everyones ass. But since I respect your mad synth skills I shall give it a serious attempt. I won't turn into some kiddie if thats what your hoping though, I'll won't spam, and try to be productive with all of my post, etc, which basicly means I'll make a post about once a week. (I'm going to post a bunch of little snippet works i've been making recently, check em out, there aren't that many, 5 at the most.)
  7. I knew that Yoozer would qoute my post, segment by segment. somehow i knew...
  8. I made this topic because I was looking for any possible answers as to why the A major scale came off sounding as weird as it did. how am i suppose to know what is going to be treated as a joke on these forums? or any music forums for that matter... 99% of you folks possess way more knowledge/skill/expierance in every single aspect of music then I do. I have devoted so much time and effort into increasing my abilities, knowledge,etc on the subject, but no matter how much I learn it always seems that i'm lightyears away from being able to have any type of true communication with any seasoned artist, like the many on this website. I don't know when the hell i'm actin' a scrub! O_o Why is it that you feel the need to post sarcastic bullshit, point fingers at nicholestien, and treat him like he's some sort of clown? If this type of stuff is the only things you got to say just don't type in the thread. >_> I said it once, and I'll say it again, I'm dedicated to music and I've been studying it, I know which damn notes are in the A major scale. o_o
  9. I think you hit it right on the spot, though, I knew about this before you posted it, and took it into consideration. the thing that bothers me is that it's nether pleasent or unpleasent sound, it's just a really peculiar sound, like it just dosn't belong there. at all. I hit the notes before and after it and I just can't find myself satisfied
  10. When I said I went from C to G to D etc, I was talking abuot major scales, not individual notes. I did this on a digital piano, so it can't be out of tune (Atleast more than likely ok? ) It just feels like it's not the a major scale or whatever, there is defanantly something weird about it. anyways, to snappleman, I don't think I've done anything serious enough to get banneed, I started this topic with serious intention in mind. People are telling me it's just me, but when I hit that seventh note I completely stopped and said "wtf?"
  11. I never really played scales for practice or anything, I just learned them years ago, and I completely stopped playing them afterwords, I woke up this morning and decided I should check up and see if I remember them. So i was going trough the scales and I went from C, to G to D, and then A, the 7th really really stuck out and it bother me, I was wondering If i'm just hearing shit, I don't know, I found it interesting and thought I would let you guys know.
  12. I was wondering this, i know how the piano works, you press down on a key and the time it takes the piano to sound etc, the lifting of your finger how long it takes to turn off, i was wondering if there are any digital pianos that actually capture a real piano closely? I just don't feel qualified enough to answer this question myself, so what are your thoughts?
  13. omfg... ocr vs timbalan... anyone of you guys think this can get huge reception?
  14. How do I edit the title of this thread? I think it might be a decent idea to make this a general request thread, about simple things, I know alot of the answers can be found else where on the web, but they never really answer your question specifically, and besides, this website houses tons of legendarys. general questions, like how do you work with a reverb unit to get a certain sound you want, you know, to answer specific questions, like a hotline service bruv.
  15. The mastering thread seems to be dead these days, and posting there dosn't do much, this isn't exactly some sort of permanany thread, or something to replace the mastering thread, just a thread I thought would be nice to spark a bit of discussion and give amatures like me the opprotunity to learn things that isn't anywhere else; so share your experience, let someone know that there methods suck balls, discuss discuss! One more thing, don’t let your advice be off limits to some people, this is for armatures like myself and the big guns of ocr alike. heres my scrub list, post your's. 1.) Try and change your perspective on your music when listening to it. When I say listen differently, I don’t mean to simply focus your attention on other parts of the song, I mean to realize the music in a different way. I believe that if you try hard enough, you can find yourself hating one of your favorite mixes, but that’s beyond the point.) 2.) Volume levels are very important. This is especially important because people tend to not only mix the volume levels to suit there listening taste, they tend to over exaggerate it. 3.) I think it’s a bad idea to playback a finished mix to find “those small errors”. My reasoning for this is because your mind-set while doing this isn’t a true music listening mind-set. I think it’s best for all those who do playback a mix to find errors, to not actually pay any attention to finding the errors, I know this might not make to much sense, but I think it actually does work, because you aren’t listening for mistakes, your listening to music, in the same way you listen to your favorite songs, when an error does occur while your “listening to music”, you’ll know that it is genuine error, something that was defiantly not your intention, and you also find these errors instinctively, which is always the best way to do everything in life, you don’t focus on tucking your thumb when going up the c major scale on a piano do you? Nah man, it’s 2nd nature, I think to some extent it works here too! But if I’m wrong, I’m going to feel like a huge dumbass! The only reason I posted this one is because I think doing something like this is a lot harder than it seems, it’s hard to enter the mind-set of listening to music when you already know that your looking for mistakes! 4.) The music comes before the production. Too many times have I made the mistake of going about errors the wrong way, when I could have simply adjusted the articulation or velocity of a certain instrument without having to resort to sever compression or abuse of effects, simple adjustments to the articulation of the instruments, adsr envelopes and filters of your synths are probably the best solutions to the problem if you were snoozing while creating them, I know this is flat out obvious, just thought I’d put it out there, since most scrubs do these things while soloing an instrument and completely forget about the mix and end up paying the price cuz they forgot. 5.) It’s always a good thing to get feedback from other listeners; but I also think it’s important to realize that it is there perspective, not yours. My Request: I would really like someone to go in depth about using samplers, using them with drums, pianos, etc. I’ll post more if this thread turns out successful.
  16. what about the kid who attempted harmonization by himself, before even knowing what harmony was, what about that kid hmm? look, you don't learn this from other people. you don't learn it by machines, (lesser lifeforms). there are no rules to harmony, there are no rules to music. you do what you do, if it fits it fits. to hell whether or not the "oc remix judges" say it's bad, when you need to make money off of music, then you start playing by the rules. it's like asking some super religious dude to fall in love with 50 cents music, he thinks not liking it "is justified", one way or the other, pfft. It DOSN"T MATTER how serious the original artist was about his music, because in the end, on the most fundemental level, there is no TRUE DIFFERENCE between music made by a toddler smashing keys on the keyboard, and music written by mozart, you can like any artist, any peice of music, if you find that you can't, then your listening is bad, not the music. edit 1: I do however approve of knowing music, "these pseudo rules", etc, and just generally having alot of knowledge about music, not so you can be a smart ass and act like your dominant over other people though, but rather, for your own benefit, afterall, it's best to know the rules before you break them, and it's always good to be able to analize your music. SO LONG, as you understand what music theory MEANS, knowing why this chord progression sounds the way it does, what you did on the piano that sounds really cool, what it translate to music theory, how you found the idea, WHY you like the way it SOUNDS. if you can just know why you like the certain sound, you can STOP yourself from making music that sounds the same. oh yeah, and it's also good to have learned alot about music so you can have more ideas at your arsenal, those ideas, that you steal subconciously without realizing it. but your music is your music i guess. even though the moment you find something you like trough experimentation, chances are 99% of the time that you are stealing from what you heard, one way or the other, it's gonna happen. but it's never 100%... lmao, it's real funny bro, you know your hands are biased towards certains chords and inversions, but you just can't seem to figure out how and why and change it so you can get new ideas? O_o try playing dyads at a high speed or something, worry about playing with proper timing after you have found something, change tempo every measure, break some rules, kill some people, take some acid, play music while your having sex, shit son, just break the habit. put down the electronic synthesizer, put that snake jungle in the deepest pit of your closet, have a cup of tea or something, and have a good chat with yourself or something, think of it as a drug that you have to quit. that electronic drug, that one you can't seem to put down because creating those phat moog beats are just to sexy to be true. mayby you should drop finding ideas on the piano all together for awhile, it just might work. or, mayby, just mayby, you can use your esp to electronicly synthesize musical ideas from your mind. Anything is possible, except for doing the impossible right now in this point in time of the universe and what not, meh, you get the point bruv, synth bro. Edit 3: I think one of the big problems amatures have finding new ideas, (not talking about you analoq, don't zap me with one of your synths), is that they think that the bias lies withen there playing, because some people find that they're favorite playing style dosn't match what they actually like to listen to, they are not the same sometimes I'm sure, and most, forgot why they like the sound they like. Like a friend of mines names josh right, all he listens to is eazy E cuz he grew up with that artist, I showed him some beethovin piano, he hated it, and after a long chat, he realized that it wasn't that he hated it, it just wasn't his sound, I don't remember how I did it exactly, but after about 4 hours of talking to him while listening to beethovin's moonlight sonata 3rd movement, I got him to like it alot, I remember saying something about finding some sort of difference in line or something, not associating the music with your ego, o_O, WE WAS DRUNKKK! o_O Edit 4: how about you give me one of your synthesizers analoq, your favorite one, trust me, you'll think of new ideas as you can't resort to the usual methods. ;D it will all work. everyone, give me all of your equipment, i promise you'll make better music! ;D music and logic?what are you? some sort of wise guy? I said I find it harder to play with both hands doing the same thing monami, so yeah, what about it bruh? *cracks knuckles.* lmao, i'm just kidding btw. .... don't get offended... i'm willing to change my opinon on this subject, as well as any subject, and my mind changes quite easily, i learnt quite a bit from that geoffrey taucher chapling', but, you just an't convincing in anyway. your logic is based on the notion that playing the same thing on both hands is easier than doing different things on each hand, this just isn't a fact, from what I read, it's actually the opposite, by nature, humans subconciously switch from using there hands in unison, to using there hands to do different things. now i'm not about to say that what I learnt is right or wrong, same goes for what you learned, the fact is though, that 2 opinons exists. now untill you can convince me that yours is the more rational opinon (that is if you even know what reasoning is, mr.music man.) then I can't accept what you say any more than I accept what I've learnt.
  17. this is the jam man, you guys are just haters.
  18. you know, i think he just might be guys. ;D i think someone should contact this dude, just look at how he sings... it's pure genius...
  19. I meant exactly what I said. >_>I've always felt that my hands were seperate, and I've always found it very difficult to have them play the same thing, it makes me feel uncomfortable. it's like, hmm. how do i describe this....dosn't playing the same thing on both hands just make you like want to nod your head to the left or right? the urge to do it is so damn strong for me. >_> so yeah... i swear this is the truth. xD
  20. you got it backwards man, it's harder to make them do the same thing.
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