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  1. Woot! First review! Pretty decent. The flute at the begining could have been a bit better, and it was too short, but overall, I quite enjoyed it. Made me think of a drinking song.
  2. I wouldn't seeing the piano score too, if that is possible. Great mix by the way, really loved the way every other note sounded wrong, but it all works out great in the end.
  3. I love this. It's so emotional and beautiful. It is however, as others have pointed out, way too short. Great work though for just "messing around."
  4. I really like this. It's not perfect (is anything?) but it's close enough that I spent about a week with this song constantly playing in the background. The vocals are beautiful, and I love the harmony, especially on the chorus. The chorus is definitely my favorite part of the piece. Awesome job guys. I hope to see more from you, especially pixie, soon.
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