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  1. My chances are small, but I would be quite honored to be able to meet the legend himself. Also, since I have received the email about the contest, you have successfully more than doubled Uematsu's followers on FB. The plan is working!
  2. My heart skipped a few beats when I saw this thread. As I read the original post, tears welled up in my eyes. bLiNd, I don't know you. I've never even met you. I'm just some nobody living in the middle of nowhere who happened to stumble across this site years ago. However, I am familiar with your work. Your mixes have moved me in ways that the most elegant words in any language on the planet couldn't do justice. You are a trance genius, a genre I never would have even attempted to listen to six years ago. You, a complete stranger, added a new flavor to my musical palette, and I could never thank you enough. So, the least I can do repay you is to place you in my thoughts and prayers and offer my deepest sympathy. There will always be a spot reserved just for you in my heart. I pray you get better soon.
  3. Chalk me up for medium shirts and large hoodies.
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