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  1. Hooray!! After the excitement of the Dark Side of Phobos album, I was really wondering what about the second DooM which has many good tracks as well I just want to wish you good luck and stuff,
  2. This is clearly the most extreme metal-style I've heard on this site, and for this I appriciate it I've always felt metal should be the soundtrack of games... especially the more violent, hell-ish and dark/gothic games. Also this is really nicely played.. I'm still waiting on an insanely-violent game with a goregrind soundtrack..
  3. oh my fucking god.. not only I LOVED Shatterhand.. and wanted to keep the music forever when listening to it... not enough people know it I see, but it was one of the best... I downloaded the NSF original music today unaware of the remix.. and was happy with just that.... but then I thought "wait.. for every nsf/rsn on this site there's always at least one remix.." I almost shit my pants the first time I heart that.. and the second.. third.. fourth... OMFG. *joins the worshipping*
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