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  1. Yknow what? Ill start a horde on Gorefiend too. Sounds like fun. Im not expecting to join, but rather curious- Zircon, does your guild have level requirements for joining? I often see guilds with such (which I would assume doesnt matter for alts).
  2. Well.. <- Priests, played correctly, have insane damage mitigation and recovery abilities. Every 15 seconds we can put up a shield that absorbs 1100 damage. My Renew spell is always going, which heals for 260 every couple seconds. I have an instant heal (Holy Nova) that does about 300-400 and damages anyone in the area for about 200. As an Undead priest I have a spell that does about 1k damage to an opponent and drains all that to me, as well. Every time I am crit, I recover 25% of that damage over 5 seconds also (so 1k crit = +250 life). With all these abilities combined, it's rare that I even need to use my 1.4 second cast time heal which does about 1.1k life. Presumably it's the same for a Paladin or Shaman, played well. At least that is the approach I would take. How much damage do you put out whilst keeping yourself so alive?
  3. guys i cant find the backspace so ill just change what i said half way through ps. <3 Sadly enough im not finding much time recently to play this game at all.
  4. I suppose it could be relatively possible...It just seemed absurd. Ive never had a 60, but my 29 had about 1 day of /played on him. He was going alot faster than some of the other classes ive played. One of the perks of playing multiple char's is that you can play one for a few days and leave the other guys in the Inn, then when you switch to a different guy they have a bunch of Rested xp which makes things go a bit faster. Of course the guy who plays one character will be farther than the guy playing multiple ones. I have at least 260 hours total /played on WoW. After all of this time, I can finally say my favourite classes are Mage, then Fury Warrior. I had a 19 human mage (untwinked) who devastated in 10-19 WSG, even though most people play Rogues/Hunters in there.
  5. I've been playing on Daggerspine since I started. I recently re-activated my account and rolled a new troll mage. I could never play one class for too long, and I had a 29 tauren warrior, a 25 orc hunter, and a 24 tauren shaman. Amongst various others 20 and below. Im hoping to make this new guy my main. I know a guy who said that you can make 60 in a few days if you play hardcore and know exactly what you're doing, but I dont believe him. an OCR guild would be kinda cool. But I dont think too many of us on ocr play, and most of us play on different servers, and most dont want to play less with their guild as opposed to more. But if someone starts one ill make a guy and play.
  6. World of warcraft is alot of fun. I play Horde on Daggerspine, and the occaisional alliance on Destromath. I need some advice on getting to 60 though. My top three characters are all between 20 and 30. 24 Elem. Shaman, 25 BM Hunter, 28 Fury Warrior. Pretty much im up to thousand needles on my warrior, but with only two quests left I'm unsure of what to do next. With all of my total logged time, I probably could of had at least 2 lvl 60's right now if I knew what I was doing. Xfire says ive played a little over 200 hours. Also, anyone thought about doing a OCR clan on a server? That would be pretty leet.
  7. Its a great song, and the vocals arent really that bad, but it loses some flow to me because if you have a rockin song, you just kind of expect a rockin voice. The feel of the song changed for me completely when your voice came in which is kind of a new experience. It kind of felt like someone singing the song in a kareoke bar. Im not trying to say Dont Sing, because in your music you should have whatever you want. However, if you put more work into your voice you could have alot better of a turnout. Good job on the song, I'd rate it as 8.5/10
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