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  1. Unique and Inspiring in many ways. Truly an accomplishment for Mario Paint and for Sephfire/SGX. Still amszed this song came out of Mario.
  2. Why do people always go all out on the Sonic ReMixes? Ive noticed that half of my favorites are form that series. I don't understand the reasoning behind the title though. I am a bit Electronica/Techno biased but I thought the composition was excelent, and the feeling that the melody gave off lent itself well to the oriental themed backgrounds of the song. The insturments/sounds worked out very cleanly with some of the subtlties such as the closinging of the percussion at the end of 4:55 and then the closing of the song with the same notes at 5:10. I enjoyed the atmosphere this song presented as well and created an image in my mind of an '80s styled, hong-kong fighter fighting of the local militia.. Thank you DistantJ
  3. Ending at 5:10, this ReMix does seem a little long. But given the circumstances, most of the Descent tracks were pretty lengthy as well. When the Descent games came out I was hooked [i still would be if my computer ran DOS better] and I can still remember blasting bosses with the green, remote missiles. If I remember correctly, there was a kickass intro to the second game too. I hope to see more of this music, whether from DjRedlight or anyone else. This particular song reminded me of some of the slower alien songs from Perfect Dark. Similar to the Descent series is another game without many ReMixes called Forsaken on N64. I enjoyed playing it, but it's really more of a cheap knockoff with naked female advertising than a true all directional, missile shooting, orb gathering, reactor blasting Descent game. Thank you Ms.Redlight.
  4. Anyone can feel free to fix my sig if it starts to bother them, i made it with MSpaint. This whole sig thing is an interesting idea.
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