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  1. I love the other version of this song on this site, but this song blows it away. I love the guitar and the violin its all put together so nicely. It just melds perfectly. This song is definitly going into my normal rotation of songs. Thanks for the great song guys you did an awsome job.
  2. when i first started listening to this remix i didnt think i was gonna like it it starts off a little slow for my tastes, but then the tempo picks up and this becomes a really enjoyably song. I especially enjoyed the guitar in this piece. The overall song is very well done its got a noble sound to it but then the guitar just makes it sound kick ass. awsome job dude!
  3. This is music ive been waiting for for a while. ive always loved the metal slug games and the music that they have. This peice is an awsome tribute to those games. Even though the guitar is unrealistic sounding it still fits this song extremely well. You know a song is good when it makes you go back and play through your old stock of games. Definitly one of my favorites. This one is gonne be relayed for a good while. Great job on this track RoeTaka. Signed, -X
  4. OK! This is my first review so i'll make it good......I hope. This is hands down my favorite Megeman X series remix! The song is well done and its a great techno song. I especially like the voice clips(im guessing they are from the japanese version of Megaman X2). I especially like the middle ones with the battle sounds. This remix has a great beat to it and I enjoy it over and over again. DarkeSword I comend you on this great remix. I have 4 of your remixs and love them all so keep up the good work! X
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