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  1. Any Boss in "God of War" when it's on God Mode.Its not only the bosses,its the little guys,too.I ran outside of my house and started yelling at the fist person I saw about how "Litte green dogs who vomet other little green dogs can suck my mother :::Explicit:::ing :::Explicit:::". I'm still not aloud in that park anymore.
  2. This right here is the Samuel L Jackson of Megaman 2 remixes.This was the first track I ever downloaded from this website,its the first track I ever really digged on Megaman 2 (now i do realy dig them all) and now its the first track I would consider playing in the backround of a horrendus battle betwixt good and evil. The end,though it seems as though it doesn't belong,is still pretty awesome,and it always suprises and dissapoints me that its over. I Love This Song.End.
  3. I've never been one for heavy guitars,but this track makes me want to run out and save the world from Dr.Wily. When I first noticed the beggining of Flashman's stage in the guitar solo parts,I almost fell down and crapped my pants it was so fly.I would have never suspected Flashman would work in the heavy sence....with a flute. totally awesome.
  4. Indeed this is an awesome track.It sounds like what the level music might sound like had megaman 2 been done in a more modern era. Funny side note,You can rap "DQ Blizzard" by Mc Chris nearly perfectly with the begining of this beat.If you know the words try it,I did and now every time i think of this song i think of that song. Bubbleman rules though.
  5. 'ello,'ello, I'm the one and only,Multi-dollar rap super star known by so very few as Butterball.I signed up for this back in the day but never posted because i smoke too much and forgot my info.But that won't happen this time.I'm here for good (or until I run my mouth to the point where I am no longer making sence). I also hope to be submiting a remix soon.I'm around 90% done with the beast so it wont be long hopefully. I hope that I may one day become a valued member of this community. Peace out! (btw:Aladdin Rocks!)
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