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    Metroid: Other M

    They can expand the Metroid universe a lot, bring in new elements other than loneliness on a planet, as long as they stay faithful to Samus and Metroids, it's good. Fusion introduced Adam and dealt a lot more with the galactic federation, was all on a space station, even altered her suit and introduced a new enemy, but we all like it a lot because it stayed true to Samus and Metroids.
  2. This is engrossing. The extremely nuanced design inside really sucks me in, and there is no point throughout that jolts me out. Not even a bump. The unique sound make the whole piece stand out all that much more. The boldness of some parts really does a lot to make this more than just a one-time journey, too, as I've had this on repeat for quite some time. Easily one of my favorite mixes of all time.
  3. It took me 24 hours to beat Super Metroid the first time, having to discover where to go all the time and how to do things. I was also, what, 7? All Metroid games are roughly linear in that they have an intended sequence. When you get used to the style you pick up on where you're supposed to go next when you acquire a new item, it'll start feeling pretty linear. Without some experience with what you're doing, most sequence breaks would be pretty accidental. Zero Mission's level of sequence breaks is actually pretty high.
  4. NES Metroid was pretty hard too. Those rooms in Brinstar still mess me up. Any Metroid Fusion sequels should use this suit you see here at the end of the game: http://www.vgmuseum.com/end/gba/b/mf_2.htm It's not exactly her "Fusion" suit, nor is it her "Varia" suit. It's both- basically. She's in her "Fusion suit" and then recovers the removed pieces of her Varia suit from the SA-X. I just call it the post-Fusion suit. I thought how it worked with the whole fusion-suit incompatible-with-your-ice-beam recover the varia suit reenable Ice Beam weapon discharge was pretty cool too, because
  5. The original creator of Metroid did great, and I had my doubts that there could have been a quality follow up after Super Metroid. But Fusion delivered. And if they could do that, then I believe they can do more.
  6. I like the different Metroid stages too. I've just assumed that you didn't have the later stages of the Metroid anywhere but Fusion and Metroid 2 is because they need an abundant source of food, such as the X parasite, to grow that big. Which is why I like the idea of the X parasite infestation followed by Metroids so much.
  7. Made a lot of the items lose their neato factor. =/
  8. Pushing mechanics are pretty bland, I'd say. Why make me do it? I say either A)Leave those little dungeon puzzles to Zelda, 2)Find some Samus-fancy way to climb up the shaft, or finally, blow it up if it's in the way with the giant assortment of weaponry you have. Zero Mission+Grapple Beam would the winning formula of item upgrades imho, and Super Metroid's momentum physics makes it the best of the 2D Metroids. Fusion/ZM had the best control scheme with the missile toggle(although lacking the dash button control). The X-ray visor is pretty worthless in the end for the 2D games, but the Pri
  9. http://www.onemanga.com/Metroid/1/00-cover/
  10. Let me combine a bit of the manga with all of the various Metroid games to sum up a cool story. The Chozo were a super highly advanced civilization, but as they are dieing off from their old age they intend to leave behind a legacy of galactic peace. They turn to the new and young Galactic Federation to do so. They also create a supercomputer, one operating on their home planet, Zebes, called Mother Brain, to be their caretaker. In their long history of exploration and discovery, they find the most vicious and devastating lifeform ever, the X-parasite, and create an equally formidable crea
  11. Pikmin are extended hitboxes, yes, but they also have their own hurtboxes. It means Olimar ends up with severe priority problems. Characters like, yes, Luigi just fly right through Olimar's pikmin practically as if they weren't even there. It's worse than just a priority clash, actually, because you still deal with the ending lag of the move even when the pikmin attack is cancelled out. Luigi's Nair just extra special because the hitbox is out for like forever so Luigi essentially becomes FLYING PIKMIN-INVINCIBLE WEEGEE for the duration. Tis lulz. I basically just ignore 90% of Olimar's
  12. Yeah ZSS's dsmash heals Lucas. The Dsmash is actually like like a little projectile- it doesn't cause any hitlag for Zamus(the lag for both characters when you connect with a move), on top of it's other weird little properties.
  13. Yes, they found a way around the latest update. I think the new version simply can be installed anyway and you don't even have to do anything extra. Luigi dittos are gay. Really. Also, stop copying all of my mains.
  14. Meh I lose interest in brawl. I play aggressive, I can be pretty good, I play Luigi mostly and he takes advantage of brawl mechanics pretty well. But the game is campy, lack of speed in the fights. It just doesn't look as flashy without the combos of the other two games. I play Sheik a bit, because she's fast and can look pretty good, but it's not enough. I'm interested in this "Brawl+" stuff. Soft-mod homebrew channel hacks. Just L-cancelling and making it so you can't airdodge/attack extra early out of hitstun would be enough for me. I mean, I still want to be playing BRAWL, just a fa
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