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    Metroid: Other M

    They can expand the Metroid universe a lot, bring in new elements other than loneliness on a planet, as long as they stay faithful to Samus and Metroids, it's good. Fusion introduced Adam and dealt a lot more with the galactic federation, was all on a space station, even altered her suit and introduced a new enemy, but we all like it a lot because it stayed true to Samus and Metroids.
  2. This is engrossing. The extremely nuanced design inside really sucks me in, and there is no point throughout that jolts me out. Not even a bump. The unique sound make the whole piece stand out all that much more. The boldness of some parts really does a lot to make this more than just a one-time journey, too, as I've had this on repeat for quite some time. Easily one of my favorite mixes of all time.
  3. It took me 24 hours to beat Super Metroid the first time, having to discover where to go all the time and how to do things. I was also, what, 7? All Metroid games are roughly linear in that they have an intended sequence. When you get used to the style you pick up on where you're supposed to go next when you acquire a new item, it'll start feeling pretty linear. Without some experience with what you're doing, most sequence breaks would be pretty accidental. Zero Mission's level of sequence breaks is actually pretty high.
  4. NES Metroid was pretty hard too. Those rooms in Brinstar still mess me up. Any Metroid Fusion sequels should use this suit you see here at the end of the game: http://www.vgmuseum.com/end/gba/b/mf_2.htm It's not exactly her "Fusion" suit, nor is it her "Varia" suit. It's both- basically. She's in her "Fusion suit" and then recovers the removed pieces of her Varia suit from the SA-X. I just call it the post-Fusion suit. I thought how it worked with the whole fusion-suit incompatible-with-your-ice-beam recover the varia suit reenable Ice Beam weapon discharge was pretty cool too, because of Metroid's one weakness- incompatibility with extreme cold. The suit also is pretty cool aesthetically looking. Less bulky while retaining the classic look. You can notice her feminine hips without her being "Zero Suit."
  5. The original creator of Metroid did great, and I had my doubts that there could have been a quality follow up after Super Metroid. But Fusion delivered. And if they could do that, then I believe they can do more.
  6. I like the different Metroid stages too. I've just assumed that you didn't have the later stages of the Metroid anywhere but Fusion and Metroid 2 is because they need an abundant source of food, such as the X parasite, to grow that big. Which is why I like the idea of the X parasite infestation followed by Metroids so much.
  7. Made a lot of the items lose their neato factor. =/
  8. Pushing mechanics are pretty bland, I'd say. Why make me do it? I say either A)Leave those little dungeon puzzles to Zelda, 2)Find some Samus-fancy way to climb up the shaft, or finally, blow it up if it's in the way with the giant assortment of weaponry you have. Zero Mission+Grapple Beam would the winning formula of item upgrades imho, and Super Metroid's momentum physics makes it the best of the 2D Metroids. Fusion/ZM had the best control scheme with the missile toggle(although lacking the dash button control). The X-ray visor is pretty worthless in the end for the 2D games, but the Prime game's use of visors and Samus's helmet HUD are nice.
  9. http://www.onemanga.com/Metroid/1/00-cover/
  10. Let me combine a bit of the manga with all of the various Metroid games to sum up a cool story. The Chozo were a super highly advanced civilization, but as they are dieing off from their old age they intend to leave behind a legacy of galactic peace. They turn to the new and young Galactic Federation to do so. They also create a supercomputer, one operating on their home planet, Zebes, called Mother Brain, to be their caretaker. In their long history of exploration and discovery, they find the most vicious and devastating lifeform ever, the X-parasite, and create an equally formidable creature to keep the X-parasite at bay, the Metroid. Lastly, you have Samus, adopted by the Chozo in their very last years much by accident, who is charged with the very old, ancient relics from way back when the Chozo were still a young race.(read: it's old and is almost mystical compared to everything else which is why Samus can do what others can not) The supercomputer AI the Chozo left behind(Mother Brain) adopts the Space Pirates as the race to carry out its plans for galactic peace(through military dominance and control, of course), also has its corrupted goals reaching into the Galactic Federation(primarily through the network of supercomputer AIs that they employ, technology based off of the design of Mother Brain). And so while both sides superficially appear to be opposed at one another, their goals and methods ultimately end up being the same and they are both ultimately run by the same corrupted strain that is part of the legacy of the Chozo. Both the Galactic Federation and Space Pirates have and will seek to exploit any and all technologies left behind by the Chozo. And note: The Galactic Federation isn't all bad, they're are plenty of those who are like Adam. However, neither of them fully grasp just how dangerous either the Metroids or the X are and that they can't be controlled. (and that was already literally proven once with the Metroid hatchling attacking Mother Brain on Zebes.) So, originally, Samus was only trying to end the threat the Metroids could have on galactic civilization, and was the only one truly capable of doing so due to her ancient Chozo powersuit(Zero Mission and Metroid II). After that, she focused on ending the threat of the Space Pirates.(The Prime games) Super Metroid is where she ended the major threat of Mother Brain and hit the Space Pirates home base, where she believed she finally ended it all. In Fusion, she finds a new enemy(which is the Chozo's old enemy), and realizes the corruption of the Galactic Federation. You want the feeling of loneliness in bizarre alien worlds without not also seeing all that the Metroid universe has to offer? Don't let Samus have any friends. She's number 1 enemy to the Space Pirates, she's a criminal to the Galactic Federation, and she's the only one who understands that the Metroid and the X are too dangerous to not be eliminated. So, for Metroid 5, let's say that the Galactic Federation gets their hands on some surviving X-parasites. You know, because in the end they're assholes and their strongest ally blowing up the X-parasites home planet doesn't make them listen, it just makes them pissed off, so they went and did specifically what you tried to prevent them to do. We can assume the Galactic Federation also still has access to Metroids, so knowing now that they are the natural enemies of the X, they use them on the X-parasites that they obviously are not going to be able to contain. The X-parasites provide an abundant amount of food for the Metroids, and so wherever the X-parasites expand the Metroids follow, both are heartless, and so there is a rapidly spreading great affliction throughout the Galactic Federation that Samus aims to stop, while being pursued by the Galactic Federation as a criminal. Wipe out X-parasite breeding clusters and/or take on the SA-X like X that are targeting the Metroids, Metroids mop-up, axe the Metroids, while chasing down the corruption(the networked supercomputer AIs, of course, but Samus doesn't realize that, she'll be more worried about what would happen if the X assimilate the biological components and then the knowledge of one first) within the Federation, which obviously draws the Federation's ire. You know, patented kill-everything approach. 2D is better in terms of gameplay unless they come up with something new for the 3D realm, like the tools to make Samus more agile, and the pretty worlds that they make are more flexible for an agile Samus. Prime 3 was almost there in terms of being awesome in gameplay, stuff like using the X-ray visor plus the Nova(aka Wave) beam to bypass armor and headshot Space Pirate Commandos was a brilliant idea and more of that sort of visor+weapon mixing would be fun without making the game fall into the color-coded weapon style that was Prime 1.
  11. Pikmin are extended hitboxes, yes, but they also have their own hurtboxes. It means Olimar ends up with severe priority problems. Characters like, yes, Luigi just fly right through Olimar's pikmin practically as if they weren't even there. It's worse than just a priority clash, actually, because you still deal with the ending lag of the move even when the pikmin attack is cancelled out. Luigi's Nair just extra special because the hitbox is out for like forever so Luigi essentially becomes FLYING PIKMIN-INVINCIBLE WEEGEE for the duration. Tis lulz. I basically just ignore 90% of Olimar's attacks when I'm Luigi. I think like, I have to watch out for Olimar's uptilt or something, and like even then strong hitbox nair still beats that I think. I does the same thing to Snake's upsmash all the time too actually. Nades aren't so bad either, so eventually they just forced to do ftilt/uptilt spam. Those moves are so broken and gay.
  12. Yeah ZSS's dsmash heals Lucas. The Dsmash is actually like like a little projectile- it doesn't cause any hitlag for Zamus(the lag for both characters when you connect with a move), on top of it's other weird little properties.
  13. Yes, they found a way around the latest update. I think the new version simply can be installed anyway and you don't even have to do anything extra. Luigi dittos are gay. Really. Also, stop copying all of my mains.
  14. Meh I lose interest in brawl. I play aggressive, I can be pretty good, I play Luigi mostly and he takes advantage of brawl mechanics pretty well. But the game is campy, lack of speed in the fights. It just doesn't look as flashy without the combos of the other two games. I play Sheik a bit, because she's fast and can look pretty good, but it's not enough. I'm interested in this "Brawl+" stuff. Soft-mod homebrew channel hacks. Just L-cancelling and making it so you can't airdodge/attack extra early out of hitstun would be enough for me. I mean, I still want to be playing BRAWL, just a faster and flashier version. Wario is cool, cause he's just one of those characters who still manages to do that at a high tier in Brawl mechanics. But he's by far in the minority. Not sure if that's going to come out of "Brawl+". It's not exactly being done by pros and might not carry the weight to be adopted for tournament stuff because of it. But maybe for myself w/ friends I play that way.
  15. Wow, that video, of all the video's I've seen of Fallout 3, reminds me the most of the old Fallouts, and with an extra addition of awesome on top.(weapon balance with sniping being really awesome was pretty true of the old games too btw. Some creatures just took laser shots extremely well.) Rated A++ 11/10, etc. Fallout fanboy here is going nuts, I need to hurry and get this game now.
  16. Haha, yes! I love it. Woah, the claw design was very impressive.
  17. Mission to Mars? Let's keep it simple: http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=728417 Personally, simple is boring. I still like big catapult rigs, and I'm playing around with designs that walk or do crazy things instead of just roll. Also wondering what it would take to get enough power to PUSH all the balls in "Awash" up the hill and off.
  18. I'm a big fan of the powerful catapults. The first time around I did most of these with a messy "tank" like design(awash was really fun that way!) but later on I started getting better at catapult designs and now it's my preferred method by far, partly because a well design catapult can look so neat with so many parts and partly because it's usually the fastest way you can deliver the item to the goal. I just spent the last hour trying to build a walker with two human like legs(was going to use it on the stairs for fun and for a test that it's "steps" were big enough to be considered more than a shuffle, my first stair completion took only like 6 parts and was boring), but it was taking too much power to move both legs at the same time and I ran out of room for spinners.
  19. I spent about an hour on the tube before I got it. I was over complicating it because my early attempts at a simple tube crawler weren't working. Then I went back and tried it again... it can be done with just three parts. =/ I've enjoyed the rest of them, but the tube was just frustrating.
  20. Metroid Fusion was a great revival of the 2D Metroid saga and very healthily extended the Metroid timeline beyond the Super Metroid masterpiece. In fact story is Metroid Fusion's is imho its strongest point and I couldn't be happier with the direction and development Metroid Fusion had. Otherwise, its difficulty was well set, perhaps the best of all of the 2D metroids, the various additions to and returns to of the 2D Metroid gameplay were mostly perfect, and its largest faults were the forced debriefing sequences holding up the game on repeated playthroughs and being trapped onboard a space station than the much more enchanting subterranean and alien atmosphere all previous Metroid games had provided, which was somewhat had to do with the fact it was graphically less pretty than Super Metroid just before it, which is a hard previous title to match.
  21. Yes, I agree. I think there were two components that made this movie a hit with me, and probably for many others. The first, this movie makes an excellent adaption from the original Batman and gets to use the best from what is already one of the most awesome Hero vs. Villian setup in comic books altogether. Batman is already one of the best superheroes ever created in look, theme, style, origins, and detail- much of which has been amply delivered to you in Batman begins and sustained in The Dark Knight(doesn't kill, no guns, broods on rooftops, wears a cape and scares criminals, etc.). The Joker is one of the most classically bad and evil villains of all time- with his seeming insanity on the surface and his twistedly brilliant scheming underneath, his obsession with batman, his laughs, jokes, sounds and appearance. The movie stays true, very much true, in this aspect to the source. The Joker gives different accounts of his origins. He can be taken out with a punch, yet can be viscous at the same time. He's both brilliant in his scheming, a liar, and insane all at the same time. Has no greater criminal motive than simply the fun he has in it and the will to cause chaos, not money or destroy Gotham, etc. He's obsessed with Batman.("and I couldn't kill you! You're just too much fun.") Then the second component. The movie is portrayed in a realistic sense, and a few of the details of the comics are dropped. The Joker's appearance isn't directly copied from the art of the comics, but instead made to take on a more realistic look of it. Things like that. For some reason, this makes the whole movie settle with the viewer very well with the average viewer.
  22. Well I think it is the gear and stat changes that are going to make a lot of what seems "questionable" in the talents all fit together. They are simplifying a lot of stats in some interesting ways. Such as the removal of spell crit and melee crit for just +crit, which effects both spell and melee crit. Stuff like that make the original hybrid classes that mixed casting and melee able to possibly melee/caster hybrid without being utterly gimped by being half-assed at everything. I mean for example Shamans rely a ton on crit in both Enhancement and Elemental, with the 21 point elemental making spell crits do 2x the damage and enhance with the Flurry talent. At one point in time(way back at 60) shamans had such a sick windfury weapon enchant that they could be all elemental and still wtfpwn a mage with a one-hander on a windfury hit or shock, shield, and windfury a warrior while wearing a shield and come out fine with a few clutch heals. Now adays though since windfury got nerfed baseline and only brought back up to where it was before after talents deep in the enhancement(I think it was the mage/shaman patch just before TBC?), and the extra must-have talents 31+ in each of the trees and finally one-directional gear sets that locked in the "specialized in a tree" nature of the hybrid class instead of on the spot mix-it-up hybrid. A lot of shamans would love to play something crazy like a 30/31 elemental/enhancement build(aka "suicide spec") but it's just not feasible because each of the trees are so loaded with points that you always have to give up something that's way too important(like 10% increase in weapon damage in enhancement) and because you can't use what little synergy talents there are to make up for the lower stats you'll have as you spread out across more for both caster and melee stats. Ret paladins are largely the same(and then some, a non-CCing, non-healing debuffing and non-mana draining MELEE DPS is a pretty shitty baseline you're starting with). Holy Paladins had been quite great for some time and still are in PvE by playing as a pure healer, but they get a lot of flak for being a three button class and running on such few mechanics(2 second holy lights and 1.5 second flash of lights w/ blessings) is either going to be straight up too good and a must have or crappy and at the mercy of others. So in both cases they may manage to breath some life and complexity into the class by allowing a chance for their hybrid nature of healing and melee seals and judgements for all specs instead of just one or the other with these talents and stat changes.
  23. Falco is so SLOW. Fox is way better.
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