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  1. I do think this is a little on the simpler side, and while some more complex parts or extra harmonies might be a solid addition here, I didn't think there was anything that stood out as an egregious error. Larry mentions that the drums are taking up to much of the soundscape, and I can see what he I'd saying bit I don't see that as a dealbreaker as is. Take note of it next time. Overall the track is a chill rendition that expands on the mood the original source presents. The pacing between the slower and more energetic sections really works to keep the track moving, and there's a lot of personal touches. I'm good to go on this one. YES
  2. I do agree that the piano feels a little out of place compared to the rest of the track. The clean feel there compared to the more wet sections around it make it feel a bit lacking. That being said I agree with MW that it is more personal taste than a criticism. The meekly overall well-constructed with parts fitting together well and flowing nicely. Great transitions between the themes for sure. Source choices are natural and the instruments aside from the piano in the middle fit nicely together. Digging this overall. YES
  3. Man, before I even get into the track I have to say done of the original vocal lines are so awkward. Ok, that's out of my system. This mix is super fun, and I loved the genre change. I agree with the gents here that the vocals do feel like they are in a different space than the rest if the track but I didn't find it to be a big issue and I wasn't bothered by it. The delivery is on point as well and overall the track felt less awkward than the original. The fade out is strange but to me the issue isn't so much the face out itself but that the fade happens too quickly and there should be more vamping before the fade happens. I actually think the fade could be fine if the chorus was repeating like the original. I might consider this a conditional if someone else agreed. For now I'm going to go with a straight YES and see what the next judge thinks of the issue. YES Edit: I think the ending is better, though I agree with Nuts that I do think a longer fadeout would have been the better way to go. My vote remains unchanged, though.
  4. Not really anything to add that hasn't already been said. I'm worth Gario here that the lack of a solid back end combined with the heavy use of that flute synth makes the track feel pretty top heavy, and I would like something else in the lower end to balance the track out a bit more. The other issue mentioned is that the instruments remain pretty static and I definitely agree there. I think the flute is the biggest offender both because it is used a lot but also because it sticks out so much. I think switching or the instruments for others here and there would make a good difference. Hope you do some revisions here, I think you're in the right track. Good luck! NO (resubmit)
  5. Definitely a super happy mix, it reminds me a little of OA's earlier works. Really loving the beefy bass here, especially since it doesn't over crowd the rest of the instruments. The themes are recognizable and there's a lot of extra details added in. Not much else to say here to be honest; nice work with SAC! YES
  6. Andrew and I are potentially interested for sure. Love the hang out idea in general. Just would have to match up with stuff we have going on, and all
  7. Harpsichord sounds easy more up front and the live trumpet makes a huge difference. Definitely some great changes here! I will nitpick that the trumpet is probably a little too up front at times, but as a former trumpet player it didn't bother me too much. Overall I'm good to go on this with these changes. Thanks got getting back to us! YES
  8. After reading your notes and taking a listen to the source I was pretty excited to hear this. I was not disappointed. Loving the use of all percussion and bells here, and the tone it sets for the track is really unique and almost religious (as Gario mentioned). The arrangement has a lot of small details here, and the repetition on the main ostinato really helps cement things together. I imagine this one won't be a super fan favorite, but I found it to be a solid mix that has its own character. Nice work. YES
  9. I'm coming in blind on this one, but overall this has an interesting gritty texture throughout that definitely feels a little weird knowing the character this was based off of. That being said it's kinda neat to hear this so wildly styles away from the original. I was worried that the piece would drag on forever, and while I think the first half runs a little slow, the second half has a lot of details that really make a difference. There's a good deal of personalization and neat runs that embellish the track well. Overall I'm good to go on this one, though the first half of the track does take a while to get rolling and brought my vote closer to a borderline. Nice work overall though. YES (borderline)
  10. Coming in as well that this sounds much improved in volume and there is much less clipping. I did hear the sections mentioned by the others while in headphones but I'm betting they would not be nearly as noticeable on speakers, and they don't work out to be a deal breaker by themselves. Thanks for the quick update though! YES
  11. Oops, was voting on my tablet and looked at the first vote too quickly. That and I assumed you've already voted on everything on the panel already
  12. There are definitely some sections that could be trimmed down, overall the length runs a little long for the number of ideas presented here. That being said, I agree with Gario that there are some pretty nice parts that add a lot of bounce to the track. I would have liked more details like those throughout and more change ups sooner. I do also agree that the soundscape is very clear and its easy to hear all of what's going on, nice work there. This is close overall, and I do think the overall ideas and energy just bring this over the bar for me. I also wouldn't mind some of the fat being trimmed from some of the longer sections such as the slower middle. Good luck on the rest of the vote. YES (borderline)
  13. Not much to add here that hasn't been already said. The track definitely suffers from repetition but there's some solid work to make things different each time through. I do think the humanization overall feels a little stiff and this could benefit with some stronger dynamic contrast, but I'm totally good to give it a pass as is. YES.
  14. Definitely feeling this! Great store adaption, and I agree with Gario that this seems really natural and unexpected. While a bit conservative melodically I think there's plenty of spice (wink) to make this really unique. Agreed with Larry as well that the ending is both a bit abrupt and that it also isn't a deal breaker here. Great work! YES
  15. I'm with Gario in this one; I can see the criticism of the instruments and their realism but I also agree that the arrangement does a lot of work and allows some forgiveness in that aspect. I definitely think this isn't mixed a as well as your other Zelda's Lullaby mix I just j judged though. Overall this is an expansive arrangement that was really enjoyable to listen to. The dynamics definitely are well done though I did hear one instance of clipping around 5:35. Just something to note. YES
  16. Really nice orchestration here along with a lot of small style changes to keep this interesting and unique. I was worried that the track would wear on after a while but you were able to transition between sections well without feeling like a newly or any hating changes. Some nitpicks, firstly that with how good the strings sound I feel like the brass felt overall a bit lifeless in comparison. Would have loved a bit more dynamic variation in the section that features then and some vibrato as well. Also hearing distortion at 2:51 and later at 4:20. Both sections are short and if consider a conditional if the other judges feel like it's necessary to fix. Lush strings and some classy arrangement really make this shine. YES
  17. The panning is definitely a lot harder to listen to on headphones, and I might suggest bringing the panning effect down so they don't go quite so far overall. Aside from that I think the panning works pretty well and adds a nice effect, it's just too overstated. I love the energy of the track overall and the bubbly pizzicato strings really add a neat dimension to the theme. The center section does feel like it gets a little crowded at times, and I do feel like there are too many parts vying for the spotlight, but I didn't feel like it was a deal breaker in the long run. I do want to mention that 1:18-1:53 is not really source related in any way I can hear, which given the size of the track is pretty significant. I don't think it's too much that it's NO territory but it's worth a mention. Overall this is a unique take and expansion on a pretty short theme.live the energy and hope to hear more from you soon. YES
  18. I'm in line with the YES borderline group here. There's definitely some overcrowding and if that were cleaned up it would be cool, but the track flows well and has some nice personalization on the arrangement. The track didn't feel overly repetitive either through s some good use of personalization. Good luck on the rest of the vote. YES (borderline)
  19. Talk about getting a lot from a little! I was quite impressed with how long you were able to make this given the very short source you had to work with. It's especially impressive given that you were able to add a ton of details that really kept things interesting without staying too far from the original. Aside from that there's little to add that the others haven't already brought up. Great work here. YES
  20. Remixer Name: APZX Real Name: Austin Simons e-mail address: Website: https://soundcloud.com/apzx UserID: 21436 Game Arragned: Final Fantasy IV (SNES) Name of Arrangement: Devotion to the Motif Song/s Arranged: Theme of Love Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GffeBZOqZGU Remix: Comments: So, actually this started off with the idea of listening to the original not in the context of how wonderful it was, but what could I do to it. For some reason the one thing that immediately popped into my head was Supersaws. I have no idea why nor did I question it, but it did give me the chance to explore the notion of taking this beautiful theme which for the SNES wonderfully conveys the idea behind it. So, at first I really dabbled with trying to come up with some basic lines with the Supersaw to compliment the melody. No real idea behind where it was going to go. Shortly, after playing with these Supersaw riffs, I found that they really complimented the main lead so wonderfully, and by I guess luck the main melody line worked so well in at this point basic context that I just started to run with it. Now, I ultimately decided that I'd try structuring the song in such a way that there was purpose behind it besides just moving from beginning to end, but it does that too. The core idea here was to try and put structure to the idea of finding someone and finding that it starts to work out. This is where the intro lies. There is uncertainty in the idea of the relationship. The entire selection of sounds here echo that. They're more distant, subdued, and sort of ethereal as there is nothing concrete. However, as time progress and things start to gel together the whole thing just bursts into reality. No worries of what could go wrong or the like. Enjoying everything to fullest. The entire next section is that. The transition from uncertainty to certainty to fulfillment. Nothing can go wrong. However, in the original melody line it can be heard that there is an almost darkness to it. Something lurking in the depths, something ominous. From this I tried to imbue the notion that regardless nothing lasts forever. It will come to end eventually. Though before that moment there is that last push of all will forever be well. But as many say, "What goes up, must come down." The track had to come to end in some fashion. The entire outro is meant to be of mourning and remembrance, and not caring that it ended. It references the beginning as to show that what once was is now just a memory. Simply, accepting that fact and moving on, but never forgetting. So, in a nutshell that was kind of the inherent conceptual thoughts behind the remix. With all that said the primary focus was to create something that stood on its own, draws tons of inspiration from the source, and really makes you want to listen and turn it up, yet wanting another listen.
  21. Yup, this checks all the boxes I expect from Rebecca. Lovely arrangement with some subtle personalization throughout. I think Justin in particular has some great critiques on the various instruments that could be nitpicked to be just that much better, but this is certainly above where it needs to be for us. YES
  22. I'm with Gario here; there's a ton of personalization to the original done here, and I think the track stands quite well on it's own. I can see how the others felt this was repetitious, but I honestly wasn't bothered by it, and I think nothing stays around too long in regards to particular sections. Those pads do start to get a little old, though I didn't find that to be as bothersome either since the distorted section they are put much further into the background. I think dropping them would have been a better call in that area, but I don't mind that they stuck around. Overall I think the soundscape you created here works really well with the melody and how you treated everything is fantastic. Nice work. YES
  23. Wow, definitely a pretty unique take here. I love the unique soundscape you've created. I think the voice clips fit really well, though I do think they overstay their welcome as the track proceeds. My bigger issue right now is that I'm not hearing a connection to the source at all. I'm hoping it's an obvious thing that I'm missing, so I'd love some help here. Holding off a vote until then, because this is an easy pass for me if the source is there. EDIT: Couple of us checked this out and definitely not hearing it. It's a super unique sound and really fun, but the source isn't there. NO OVERRIDE
  24. Lot of good points made by the others here, I totally agree that the build up is really well accomplished and the instrument balance is top notch here. Everything has it's place and contributes to a pretty great build. The actual payoff is good, though I agree that it does end up being repetitive with the same riff being used a lot. I'm not really bothered by it overall given the repetitive nature of the original and that there are some subtle differences in the end riffs that help keep things interesting. Nice work, glad to hear you submitting again! YES
  25. I can hear the issues the others are mentioning, but I am not as bothered by them as the others. Really love the style change, and the bass is kickin'! Great energy overall, and while it gets a tad repetitive towards the end I felt it didn't overstay it's welcome. Nice collab between you two, hope you both work together again! YES
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