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  1. Considering that zerglings do less damage in comparison to their original counterparts in comparison to everything else, every unit has an easier time dealing with zerglings. Seriously though, their attack speed has been slowed quite a bit.
  2. Will the channel show up in ETG if it's got no one in it? Otherwise I'll set myself up in there during the day, mind you I'll be afkish.
  3. As flamatory as this statement may be, it's definitely all about your attitude towards styles of play considered 'cheesy'. If you're going to keep playing as if people shouldn't/wouldn't play against 'cheese', you're not only going to lose more, but you're probably going to become frustrated.
  4. IdrA calls it 'imba bull****'. But then again, he's quite the rager, and doesn't lose with grace. I guess that's why people love him so much. He's the Hollywood Hogan of SCII.
  5. There are ways to 'cheese' in a conservative fashion that work well for some races, at least for how most plat/diamond players operate. Look up a Terran's 1:1:1 build. It allows for versatility in unit composition AND nasty drops/harass. Considering how a game goes, it's very easy to transition to an end game strategy with. As a zerg player, I HATE dealing with this build. As it may be easy for a zerg to build lots of units fast, they don't get new units/utility as quickly as protoss or terran.
  6. I love folks that are wary of baneling drops. They move their workers off the mineral line even when I'm just scouting with an overlord. I don't blame them for being cautious, but unless they haven't scouted, most zerg players don't learn to hide tech buildings very well, namely a baneling nest.
  7. I'd be down for that. Just as soon as I get my internet connection installed.... I hate those first few weeks of moving into a new apartment. Can't even post on this thread without using a computer other than my own.
  8. They're especially nice once they get splash damage and their range bumped up to 11. They're basically anti-air, flying siege tanks at that point. Their mobility makes them better than thors at anti air at that point, if you ask me.
  9. The trick to the last zeratul mission is that the waves that come at you are determined by YOUR situation. So long as you have a single building up, the computer will generate ground units (mostly zerglings, which are the bread and butter of the kill count) along with some air units and a small amount of anti air. Abuse that by making a lot of void rays and carriers. However, once you lose all of your buildings and ground units, the computer generates nothing but anti air/ air units. By that point, the opposing wave will probably take you out. I managed 2280 on hard with that in mind.
  10. If you find yourself falling prey to that sort of stuff, make sure that scouting is your number-one priority, provided that you can keep your scout alive while still building your base/tech/army. One trick ponies tend to flounder out if you can stop their cute little rushes, especially if they went too hard on getting units and didn't build an economy.
  11. Yeah, I was wondering about what happened with the thread I posted yesterday for an SCII player list. I suppose I'll create a discussion board in the SCII group for that very purpose. As for the numbers, I STILL haven't played any multiplayer, as the single player is just that awesome. As a result, not only do I not know my identification number, I didn't even know they existed until now. I just want to get 15 points in my zerg research to get my hands on those Predator anti-infantry mechs. Those look fun as hell! Though I will be checking this thread for player info posted, I guess I'd encourage people to join the social group and post their info on the thread there. Kind of clunky to consolidate info between two threads, know what I mean?
  12. I've decided that even though there's already a thread for this, another one should be created in light of the retail release of SCII (considering that the previous thread was for the beta, that would just be confusing to use the same one). Just post your in-game name that you have displayed on b.net 2.0 along with which region your client is in. I'll make sure to check on the posts and update the list as often as I can. Your community name will be posted followed by your in-game name in italics. Hope to see plenty of folks sign up! North America: Conan the Politician -- Volkspanzer
  13. I can understand if it's something to do BEFORE the midnight opening, but if you're going to stick around for festivities AFTER the release... all I have to say is what is wrong with you? You play a game when it's released, you don't go to a party for it.
  14. 12 years I've been looking forward to a sequel, and in a mere 12 hours I will be waiting in line. That feeling of joy and torture all at the same time.... nerdgasm.. yes, indeed. What's got me gnashing my teeth is that folks in Asia are already enjoying it. Once again, the Koreans are always one step ahead of us in Starcraft.
  15. They know how to stir a pot just right.... I'm frothing over the lore teasers into an absolute nerdgasm: http://us.starcraft2.com/dominion/index.xml
  16. With a very limited amount of players allowed, and on such rigid schedules, I don't know what they hope to accomplish if they were looking to get bugs/glitches ironed out, not to mention this isn't a good way to test the capabilities of servers/hardware. Am I speaking with bile and acid because I didn't get opted in? Probably.
  17. Looks like things are beginning to pick up for phase 2 of the beta, as patch 16 is (sort of) ready to be downloaded for the beta, at least for the european regions. You can check the info on it in this link: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=134489 - The alleged notes for said patch can be found here: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=134594 Here's to hoping we can see it by the end of the week, and hopefully as a fully open beta.
  18. It may come as a shock, but that thread was shafted to the 'closed' list of threads recently, as there has been no news of the beta's 2nd phase coming in from Blizzard. Blizzard itself said that there would be no release of the 2nd phase without an official announcement in advance of that very date. The info they came across was in regards to some event being held exclusively in South Korea, supposedly. It's a sad day. I know.
  19. I didn't know what amazon was doing, but I was well aware of the beta-key you get from GameStop when you pre-order from them. If you know you're gonna get it, you might as well be playing it now .
  20. For anyone who would like to get his/her hands on a SCII beta key and has not been able to (or if you'll never be able to), I have received a 2nd beta key via the refer-a-friend that is up for grabs. Just send me a pm if you want it, and make sure your request isn't just a passing fancy; I want to give this key to someone who will play the beta often!
  21. Has anyone with a Nvidia Geforce 200 series had problems with the graphics since patch 9? It's been taking longer to load a match, and I've also had problems where fps will sporadically get choppy for 4-5 seconds, making my micro lack-luster.
  22. What's the demographic distribution here on OCR, from a location aspect, anyway? Makes me wonder how much of the community I can play with/against now... It also makes me wonder how much of a grip Blizzard will have on online functionality for this game. Will they throw a fit over home-brewed or private servers?
  23. I'll do something about that . Here's the link to the new thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=28974 I don't know if there's any red tape I've got to go through in order to do this, but there it is. Let the community know who you are on the SCII Beta!!!
  24. NOTICE: The player naming and friend adding mechanics for the SCII beta have been revamped. If you wish to add a person from this list, you must now have his or her e-mail address, since identifiers (two-word names) no longer exist for players. That being said, this still provides a list of folks who are in the beta, and I encourage that e-mail addresses are shared if you still want folks on your friend's list! Whether it be by posting it on this thread, or just directing folks to your community profile for that info, that's up to you. Nothing much to say beyond this. The old thread was started by Shadow Wolf, and we've heard not hide nor hair from him on that thread in some time. I suppose I'll compile a list of the players in the community and their handles on the SCII Beta. If you make any changes to your handle, or I've forgotten about your handle, be sure to let me know so I can update it on the post. Beta List: U.S. Region Players: eternal Zero: Conan the Politician: Random Hajile: vega12: atmuh: BardicKnowledge: Scufo: Lunarfall: Dyne: Dhsu: Abadoss: MaelieJade: Curly Brace: Scrobble: FriendlyHunter: Europe Region Players: Asian Region Players:
  25. Should we get a list up at the top of the thread of folks in the beta? I haven't seen the OP on this thread for quite some time, so it may be best to just start a new one? My handle is Volkspanzer.carapace and I'm gold league 1v1.
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