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  1. For those who don't know, the nintendo wifi usb pc adapter doesn't work with vista: http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems/wii/en_na/onlineUSBTSsetup.jsp Please note that at this time, the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector software is not compatible with Windows Vista (all versions). Please check back for future updates, as our engineers are currently working on a potential solution. However, I'm curious to know if there's alternative methods, via software, to installing this device through a vista pc. Obviously, it isn't going to be supported by nintendo, but I would still like to find a way around this before I shell out more cash for something I thought I took care of.
  2. If you've seen some of the prosthetics they've used in Pan's Labrynth, I wouldn't be surprised at all by what they *might* be able to pull. Then again, that was an incredible movie to compare to..
  3. I would think the satisfaction of getting those titles of survivor is in attaining it yourself. Unless you'd get something nice for it in Guildwars 2 through the hall of monuments, there's not much of a point in paying to get this title, at least that's how I see it.
  4. And somehow, people still see it as a necessity to hire others to power level their characters.
  5. This sort of stuff creeps me out. It was novel at first, but when you start allowing yourself to completely listen to a piece, you lose yourself to something that you don't quite enjoy, but find irresistable, nonetheless. I suppose you can chalk it up to sheer technical beauty, but with no emotions or thoughts attached to it. I had to snap myself out of what felt like an odd sense of exasperation.
  6. Though I've never tried them myself yet, I like the fact that they finally made a ranged weapon that can accrue adrenaline. It opens up some really nice possibilities.
  7. Well, I updated my computer manually with anything Windows update provided since yesterday, and I haven't had any problems since. As far as it being a cmos battery problem, those suckers are supposed to last several years, and I've only had this comp for about 2. Then again, anything could happen, I suppose.... hoping that nothing will happen, of course.
  8. I believe I've found the problem. I managed to get the system to boot up correctly this time, and it gave me a warning message that a boot failure was caused by a change in the chip set settings. I've also remembered that I had an automatic update from windows update earlier this week, and that may be the cause of it...
  9. I'm posting this message from a Mac instead of my pc due to the nature of the problem. A few days ago my pc started to sporadically have repetitive beeping fits at start up, and has progressed from a probability to an absolution. I can't get on my computer since all it will do when I power on is repetitively beep and bring up no display or any other indicator of what's wrong. As for how this problem came about, it may have been due to the recent cleaning I've given it with a compressed air can. If anyone else has run into this problem and has had it fixed, please tell me what I should do. The odd thing about this is that I've ordered a new pc right before the problem became permanent. It makes me wonder if my pc is jealous....
  10. The last boss on Starfox Adventures was the largest disappointment on almost any game I've ever played. Here's a game that got a 9.0 on IGN, yet as you're about to face the what appeared to be the main villain, he gets tossed aside in favor of a run-of-the-mill Andross face fight, under a simplified form of standard Starfox ship fighting. It wasn't so much that he was easy, it was as if they copped out what little story line they had in favor of a poor attempt at nostalgia. The only challenge it provided was the fact that it made me gawk at the screen long enough for it to get a few hits off on me...
  11. Well, as for fighting the lich and shiro, it's easy enough even when you aggro them both at first. The lich goes down easily enough, but when you start taking down shiro to low health, battle scars combined with impossible odds kind of rapes you if you aren't prepared.
  12. Hmm, there's a problem with this thread: the vast majority are offering help, rather than looking for help. If that's the case, I could use some help in getting past the Nightfall mission where you have to reach the temple of the 6 gods. I haven't managed to get a good combination of damage and disruption with my h&h, as I either end up dying to Shiro Tagachi (not enough disruption), or to the mobs that make copies of themselves (can't kill fast enough).
  13. I'm trying to get back into it as of right now, but I always keep telling myself that it isn't worth getting a group together for missions. I know it would be a lot more entertaining if I would have a bit more patience with getting other players, rather than rely on heroes/henches. As for my characters, I have 5 levels 20's spread out over the 3 campaigns: W/Mo - Disciple of Crom (Prophecies) E/Me - Arcane Persuasions (Prophecies) N/R - Bulim McFrisk (Prophecies) A/Rt - Hazardous Object (Factions) D/P - The Midnight Beacon (Nightfall) If you ever need help with a quest/mission, I'll more likely than not have a character available to do so!
  14. I never knew enjoying the composition of and listening to music required so much delegation. Here's to hoping that you make better music by moving to another site, as I don't see the difference as long as there's something good to listen to. *crawls back into a dark hole to lurk*
  15. Among the torrent of other issues, has anyone had this problem: http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/ConanThePolitician/?action=view&current=problems.jpg
  16. Viola(s?) and cellos, eh? Well, I've always preferred a darker, fuller sound in string instruments. However,I suppose I just want to get my hands on some string instrument where lessons can be easily found. Something tells me that a viola or cello expert would be harder to find than a violin expert. As one of you have said, I could find one underneath my couch, right? *Begins diving* As for the price of violins, I'm sure the REALLY nice ones will always be thousands of dollars, but I've found several models around 250-300 dollars. They may be horrid in quality, but I'm sure that they will at least be lesson-worthy. Thanks for the input!
  17. I'm looking to pick up a violin as a new instrument to play. However, after reading through various websites, there seems to be a lot of jargon and specifications for violins in comparison to wind instruments. Simply put, I want to know what I should consider picking up. I've never picked up a string instrument before. However, I have 8 years experience in wind instruments, particularly brass. If age is ever a factor in learning a new instrument, then I'm 22. Also, is there any difference to playing as a left-hander as opposed to a right-hander? Thanks!
  18. I'm not entirely sure on this, but didn't they add new items to be collected for the tier 0.5 set quests. Also, weren't some of the drop rates of items needed for the non-raid epic item quests (Breasplate of the Chromatic Flight, Skyfury Helmet) changed? Perhaps because of these changes, they somehow accidentally screwed up the rep gained from these mobs.
  19. I've just started playing this game a few weeks back on Kalecgos as a warrior named Volkspanzer (lvl 32 for the time being). I was always afraid of the idea of getting the amount of money needed for a mount at lvl40, but I already got what I need .
  20. ... Not exactly what I expected, but I like the style nevertheless. Thanks a bunch, mythril! I'll be sure to give you credit on my sig.
  21. I have a sig request to make. However, I've decided to post a couple of the pics I would like incorporated into it the sig: I also would like the American flag used, along with flames (not an American flag SET aflame, mind you) to signify pillaging. Finally, I would like this caption: "...and we shall hear the lamentations of their women.." Thanks!
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