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  1. The competitive aspect can be fun, yet there's a downside to it as well. You're definitely right in the sense that there are a great deal of pokemon that are considered 'entirely useless'. There's even a site that has dedicated itself to determining what tier a pokemon belongs on in terms of usefulness. Go on to www.serebii.net to learn about basic mechanics of battles, stats, etc. If you're going to play the game for the single player, by all means, pick up the handheld. If you're going to play competitively, go and pick up the pokemon online application from www.pokemon-online.eu. It's basically an program that lets you play against other players with any pokemon you wish, with all the specifications that you want.
  2. If any of you have not heard, and are interested, I'm organizing a pokemon tourney via an application called Pokemon Online. The client can be found here: www.pokemon-online.eu It's really simple to set up, self-explanatory, and appears to be more or less stable. The mechanics of the application seem accurate to the handheld games. The best part is, you don't have to spend dozens of hours building teams to exact specifications. If you're interested, just sign up on the thread on my signature below.
  3. If you have the time today, would you mind helping me test out a few of the servers available for pokemon online?

  4. A completely illegitimate parent can have a completely legitimate child, after all.
  5. And here I thought you would be an applicant for the tourney I'm setting up :). In any case, I see that you have good taste.

  6. How's your team coming along? Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

  7. It's for this very reason that I'm considering opting for Pokemon Online once they set up Gen 5 data. It's too much a pain to set up competitive play otherwise.
  8. Try to keep the input to the tournament thread I made in the social group, please. Otherwise it's going to get buried within other random pokemon commentary.
  9. I've gone ahead and did what I could about it. Lots of rules to be agreed upon and clarified, SO I NEED INPUT . For any who are interested in an organized tournament, please click on the Pokemon Tournament link in my signature, sign up, and give us your thoughts on the matter.
  10. I've just by-passed what could have been rage-worthy. Picture this: To catch a Lapras in White or Black you have to land on bubbling water while surfing (the equivalent to shaking grass). To have one of these waters come up is fairly uncommon, normally requiring you to get repels and surf until one pops up. The pokemon itself only spawns 5 percent of the time in these rare bubble spawns. After getting nothing but basculin from these bubble patches, I finally track a Lapras down. After paralyzing her, I then switch over to a pokemon that uses false swipe. The suicidal little shit decides to cast perish song after my first false swipe. So I have 3 turns to throw a ball before she kills herself. It kept breaking out until the perish song countdown was at 0, where it finally gives in, and allows me to capture it. I'm going to feed her bitter herbs and throw her into daycare center, never to be released. Let's see her use that song again....
  11. I'd have to agree on Galvantula. First time I've ever seen Compoundeyes be that useful on a pokemon. +30 percent accuracy on Thunder. Now I don't have to use that Uber filth Kyogre to get Thunder to always hit.
  12. White Version Friend Code: 3396 2915 2288 Starter: Teapig EDIT: I'm guessing there is no Pokemon Social Group for the community?
  13. I think that's what they're hoping to do with the guild level system, but honestly, I think that will only encourage the development of huge guilds with the bare minimum of personal interaction. It'll be a numbers game for the benefits that the system provides, for most people at least.
  14. You know you can always give me a call, dahlin'. I'll be on the corner across the street, right next to Fifi's. Seriously, though, I didn't know that Zerg was the SCII equivalent of MMO healers. I usually loathe ZvZ -- my opponent ALWAYS goes for ling/bling and transitions to mutas without fail... I guess with it being difficult to wall off, that's understandable.
  15. Does anyone have any tips on keeping your mind focused? I'm a zerg player, and I can't say that I play consistently at a decent level. Some games I play above my ranking, but I usually play below it. For example, I tend to lose concentration at the 12-13 minute mark and my decisions become much less defined and precise, my macro slips (in all respects to larva, unit production, expanding, AND creep tumors), and micro becomes an on-and-off concept. Is there anything that you guys do to boost focus, (beyond caffiene or supplements, which I won't take)? I'm not opposed to memorizing, but there's only so much you can do with preset build orders, not to mention I find playing a strategy that's just a vomitting of a glorified script to be unappealing.
  16. GAH, I didn't watch it yet! EDIT: Thanks for rectifying that, Lunarfall .
  17. Well, that's odd. Sure, I'll just take the info you put here and place it on the entry list on the social thread.
  18. SOME IMPORTANT THOUGHTS/DETAILS FOR THE TOURNAMENT: The entries are in, and the brackets have been sorted to the best of my ability. I've tried to worked it to where everyone has a decentish chance to at least make it to the finals/third place rounds. Sorry if this communist rigging isn't to your liking . It's for fun, after all. You'll find an updated list of rules/info on this URL: http://challonge.com/ocrsciione And here's the brackets: THE ROUND OF 8 BEGINS THIS SUNDAY ON 09/26/2010. IF YOU NEED HELP GETTING IN CONTACT WITH YOUR OPPONENT, LET ME KNOW! ___________________________________________ If you have any questions about the tournament or have any suggestions, please send me a message. Let's hope we get a good turn-out! Due to character length constraints, I may have to continue the list of entries on another post in the thread.
  19. Hmm, I suppose I'll post a link to the tournament thread on the competition section. Hopefully that doesn't count as 'flooding the forums with spam'.
  20. If you need a hand with practice, I'd be more than willing to help. I've got all weekend and NOTHING going on. Just throw out your character name and code (preferrably on the social group thread linked on my sig), and a time.
  21. I know that scrobble has already declared it first, but I'm going to see if we can't try again at getting a small tournament together. Due to the fact that this issue may or may not be drowned out by other posts on this thread, I will provide a link on this post to the social group topic for the tournament. Supposedly there's already some ideas out there for what format it should be, but I'm having trouble finding it. And here's the link: http://ocremix.org/forums/group.php?&do=discuss&groupid=8&discussionid=&gmid=1647#gmessage1647 I'll probably paste this to my signature, just to see if that can't eke out a few more people that may be interested. Everything, as far as my knowledge goes, should be addressed, while that which isn't can be discussed on further in the thread link. If anyone else feels like advertising it, go right ahead and paste the link wherever .
  22. Well, after watching that review of the pax demos, there are a few points of the FFXIV beta that need to be addressed -- the crashing and its... inefficiency of graphics output. I don't have a very powerful computer, but I can run games such as Oblivion and Fallout 3 (older games, yes, but still rather taxing in the grand scheme of things) on high settings @ 45 fps at its worst. It boggles me that a game like this could tax my system so much as to have me on average of 15-20 fps at lowest settings. Sure, it's a pretty game, but I think they could have done a better job at making a balance between performance and quality. On the matters of crashing, I hope they find some way of allowing guildleves to continue after some inadvertent termination of the game. I was raging so much that I would 'fail' a guildleve after a crash, only to find out I couldn't start the guildleve up again for quite some time. I get the feeling that FFXIV will be one of those games that will bend the players into fans that will love it, rather than become a game that can be loved.
  23. Truly, I've never seen an open beta with so many strings and constraints associated with it. The registration code page is closed to new applications at the moment, and after 10 hours my client download by conventional means is only up by 1 percent.... gave it a try when I could actively download the megaupload and hotfile parts. Fortunately, I'm awake to give this a shot all over again.
  24. Seems characteristic, an mmo series supposedly known for slow progression in-game would have a slow progression of installation for its sequel. Regardless, I still would love to give this game a shot. I'm dl'ing via the regular client right now, so I may give this method a try.
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