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  1. god i love the song B-02 I Love This Radio (Theme of Love) [Theory of Nonexistence] from the bonus CD
  2. This is incredible, this project is truely a piece of art and is/will be treasured by many. I haven't heard all of the tracks yet but "1-03 sephfire, sgx - No Such Thing As the Promised Land (Mako Reactor)" is a real stand out track to me. Good work guys
  3. Great choices in instruments to bring together a lovely piece. And I must comment on the lyrics, they are incredibally beautiful. Good work.
  4. A nice remix to my fav video game song. well done
  5. truely use hav out done urself. please keep doing what u do coz im sure everybody in this community loves all ur work. looking forward to ur next project =) good job team
  6. Wow I love this song, you guys did a real good job. The vocals were done so well and the instruments you've used are so perfect. A+++ job my new favourate song =D
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