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  1. Ahhh, I see. Thank you for the info. I apologize for the Nazi accent, I only use it when demanding things.
  2. ohhhh.... dang. Monday evening.... at midnight?
  3. ...speaking of contest... I havn't recieved my prize yet, if you have already sent it...
  4. I swear I've heard obliterape somewhere.... Maybe i've said it... it is a pretty stupid combination...
  5. ...compliment? where did I put that compliment... *searches posts... oh yeah, there it is! Right under the insult! Yeah, thanks for the gratitude shown about the compliment, I sorta try... sometimes.
  6. well yeah. Cell phones aren't that great. /sarcastic sleep deprived humor that only I find funny
  7. ...was that your first time hearing your voice recorded? (I hate the way my voice sounds... I recently discovered that...)
  8. hey! good job with the shownotes... realeased with the episode! (and here I thought that all you Canadians were lazy, way to prove me wrong!) Nice burn to Rama! (That guy gotta get his stuff straight...)
  9. Technical Difficulties go away after a bottle of Jack, or so I've heard...
  10. ...you mean they're already doing the show sober?!?
  11. 25 years... what's that like...?
  12. Yes! another Rayza remix! You could come out of retirement with like... all the bells... and whistles...and stuff...
  13. Actually, that show sucked. Do you know how many times i've had to explain that Rory is a guy's name simply because of that show? Way too many... +1
  14. Nope, I'm a guy. Nope, real life still sucks. But yes, I will accept the congratumalations!
  15. sorry WesPip... you could always buy the CD though, or try again!
  16. That's my name! Rory Rightmyer says Planet3 FTW!!!
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