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  1. I encourage all of you to make at least one pilgrimage to Unmod a year... in order to see the Internet's Blessings. Of course if you're chicken...
  2. To be fair, this mix was done very quickly. Zircon actually submitted it before I had to the chance to rerecord my vocals. I wasn't happy with them because I'm not used to singing in a fast, poppy style, and I had to record them in a rush. It's definitely not my best work, but when you're collabing with four other people eager to get the mix out to the masses, that's what happens. The point was that we had an awesome time together. I figured something along those lines. I think a revamped version with better recorded vocals would be an excellent complement to that website of yours.
  3. This is the worst I have heard Miss Goldin. I really am dissapointed, but it is still better than a lot of things I have heard. As far as the guy goes, he isn't a trained singer, and it shows, he's not horrible, but he isn't trained to use his voice effectively. The rap isn't bad, but it's too slow to be 'normal rap' and it isn't flowing enough to be 'melodic rap.' Guitar and Piano seem to be spot on. Overall, I would give this a 7 on the OCR scale. On the Pixietricks scale, it is severely lower. Edit: Pixies voice sounds flat, compared to the rest, like she's crowding the mic, maybe that's what happened?
  4. pixietricks might be well advised to take an out here. One of the tricks I learned in speaking Japanese is that you don't need to pronounce that "h" sound in when it follows another vowel sound. Thus, you don't need to take that extra breath to produce the sound, which might allow the singer to condense the two sounds into the melody. Effectively, the pronunciation might be: "ko-tah-lah", all in one smooth set. That's what i heard
  5. Quite excellent work. I've had this track for quite a while (since I found out about Chrono Symphonic in fact. (I actually found out about it because of PixieTricks vocals on another piece.) About the double syllable, I agree, "faded" could of been drug out aother half second. Overall an excellent mix, certainly part of my night tracks playlist. And to emperor_sauzer or OCR sucks forever or whatever he is calling himself, please do not post.
  6. The drop in pressure at ~1:30 is amazing, I love it. The entire track is intriguing and lively, and I can hear the 'Russian' feeling very plainly, although those lighter points at ~2:30 is very powerful, not in volume, but just in emotion. I give a 9.5/10
  7. Think before you speak. or write it down.
  8. O good, Rayza's back. ... oh and not dead... that's good too.
  9. Careful what you say man, Linkman will kill you if you say anything bad about Pixi.
  10. Rayza's missing? That's not good...
  11. Not a bad piece, bit repetitive in light of the recent submissions, and yet, I still enjoyed listening to it. It develops into a very nice trance piece in the center section, after the introduction. Not knowing the FF soundtrack, I still enjoyed this. I'll give it: 7.5/10
  12. That's why they're silver. Now, run along and play with your little friends.... jk
  13. That's fine, just make it good. (Even the tenth year thing isn't necesary, as Chrono Trigger is essentially timeless...)
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