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  1. Dang guys. This is why I want to be a musician. I enjoyed that quite a bit, and am eagerly awaiting a new mix from either one of you.
  2. Nobody is old enough for that place, but we all go anyway. BTW, I meant New England, I forgot Nebraska even existed. Poor Nebraska
  3. That may be, but I didn't know that she was in Winnipeg. I thought she was in NE, but I just realized that was you. WAIT A SECOND, YOU DO LIVE IN NE? RIGHT?
  4. AURORA!!!!! Wassup, yous a Canadian now, I hear. How's that going for you? I hear they take forever sending out prizes for people who won CDs on podcasts? Has anybody else heard about this? (I'm not mad Rayza, I wasn't even expecting to win, I just wish you'd answer me about it so I know if it got lost in the mail or not.)
  5. I voted, however, I think I have an idea... for the compo-report theme song... I'll get back to you if it pans out.
  6. BTW, I am now downloading ep. 027. I won my CD like what, five episodes ago.
  7. ? I make random criticisms? That doesn't even make sense... I'd give it a 6/10. Mostly because of location. Had it been posted in UnMod it'd be a 0.
  8. Wow, I didn't know Pip was a listener. He just rose five points.
  9. Ok, I'm back from wherever it was I went. I must've forgotten VGDJ while I was there, cuz I'm just now downloading ep. 26. And it's Thanksgiving. Which means I'm what, like 5 days late....?
  10. once again, good job with teh Shownotes. I appreciate it.
  11. No really, that was probably a bad choice, it does clash with just about everything else in the song, but overall, not a bad mix, consider it playlisted. Second: Why isn't the song listed in the info-page? Minor glitch or future standard of doing things around here? Thirds: Laos must have a really good ear, cause without him showing me where, I never would have heard that little 'mute-y' part in there, really top-notch imo, can't hear it too well, but it seems really good. Keep up the good work, and come back with more.
  12. That's why he wanted me to call in....
  13. Good Show... oh, and I know Myth is Sri Lankan, but that doesn't matter, his rap style is awesome, it's like anti-gangsta intelligent rhymes that actually have meaning... but he will always be white, no matter what he does, except for the fact that now he reminds me of Lando from star wars... oh well, a white lando... it could work. oh And Pixi... you will always be the Gangsta Grrl... that will never change. Ever.
  14. I love that violin, picks up perfectly. Not having played EarthBOund, I don't know the original source, nor do I have any memories associated with it. But this ReMix has most definitely been playlisted. Congratulations DJP. I love that chime at ~1:30.
  15. or life3. Seriously, can't wait for the show. Get not busy soon please!
  16. With an Italian accent: Is this man bothering you miss? Want me to take hm out back and give him a once over? Maybe introduce him to a couple friends of mine? /Italian Accent
  17. ...I have a new name... and I want a new Sig! Seriousely though, I did this one up in Paint in about ten minutes. I would appreciate a more proffesional look. The border going around the entire sig is the electron configuration of uncharged Astantine. I would like to keep that bordering the entire sig... Also Astantia (my screen) should be centered and I like the three rings (if you have a nice suggestion for that, it's definitely changeable!) The At and 85 on the side are just the Atomic symbol and number for Astantine. I would like those (together or seperate) anywhere on the sig, even backwards or upside down, I don't care. The 210 AMU is 210 Atomic Mass Units... which I also like, but isn't a must. The cross is a nice addition, but is not necesary, I just had to fill space. The color scheme, black red and white, I like a lot. But am definitely open to suggestions! Other than those things, do whatever you want! I really am humble suggesting this, and full credit will be given... I just want a nice sig sitting at the bottom of my posts... Thanks in advance for even reading this request, and thanks for any help. (Man I wish I had photoshop...)
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