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  1. it's been a while since i've been to this site...i just happened to catch the thread reviewing disco dan's 'green amnesia' on the home page...i downloaded that song and i am just systematically downloading all of this guy's songs. this is hands down the best rendition of metal man's theme i have ever heard. being a techno fan, i really enjoyed this song. keep up the excellent work.
  2. this is the first amievil remix i have listened to...and five seconds later i'm scrambling to get the rest of his songs. this is one amazingly well done song. metroid fan or not, this is a must get. a great submission to the music community. keep up the great work amievil.
  3. one word...ownage. i haven't downloaded a great remix in a while...this is definitely refreshing. mad props to Star Salzman. An excellent work.
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